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Trek to Kurinjal & Kudremukh in 2 days!!

“Trekking means a travelling experience with a thrilling excitement.” 
Amit Kalantri

Trekking with BTC is always packed with new experiences and excitements. Organiser Arun and Sneha had chosen Kurinjal and Kudremukh peak as trekking destination. Both are located Chikamaglur and comes under Kudremukh National Park Range. The energetic trekkers were Arun, Sneha, Srividya, Revathi, Manish, Ravi Kumar,  Raisunnisa, Ramya, Jyothi, Srinath, Supriya & last but not least myself :P.  All of us assembled at Majestic Shantala Silks and in time we departed from Majestic and started with introduction, and Arun instructed us that we can enact or articulate a dialogue which corresponds with our name and the other members have to guess. To my luck, I started with favorite dialogue of Kannada Superstar and in no minute, one of them guessed correctly and I was relieved and by 12 the introduction part was over. The introduction part was fun and we were acquainted with each others. Later all of us slipped to sleep and looking forward to tomorrows trekking. 

Chickmaglur never disappoints anyone, the weather, coffee estates, peoples and places always encourage to come once again. We reached Balegal at 6.00 AM and then we took a ride to Home Stay in Mullodi. We freshened and we had breakfast of rice pundi and sambhar along with chatni.  

Arun, the organizer briefed about the day’s plan and informed that we would be trekking to Kurinjal Peak, and the distance will be 14 Kms to and fro. We then alighted tempo traveller who took us to Kudremukh Town and later to the base of the peak. It was 12- 15 kms from the town. Guide introduced himself as Kiran and he would be our guide to Kurinjal peak. On enquiry about the name of Kurinjal Peak, he informed that due to flourishing growth of Kurinjal Flower, the local call the peak by name Kurnijal. Kiran start to lead the trek.

The initial trek path was well flattened and trodden and we came across the bridge and some of us took pics. As we had started the trek late, temperature was raising and our guide to avert the searing sun, took a bypass through the forest whereby he said there would be minus of 1-2 Km. We entered through the thicker forest vegetation and also could see a mushrooms and other algae growing on the rotten fallen trees. We did not suffer any major hiccups as the trek path through was moderate. We started gaining altitude and came across a depilated house and few among us started scary ghost stories. We could see the peak, which is of boulders and rocks. The last part was moderate however; everyone finally trekked and reached the peak. We took pictures and some of friends gave amazing poses and it was wonderful. The peak had a mixture of boulders and rocks along with thick vegetation.

It was time for lunch and we oversaw and sat under tree for lunch and ate Puliyogare, which was packed from the home stay. After few minutes of rest, we started to descend later. This time we started to take the trail. The trail was very tough and descending was tough for few of us. Looking back we were able to see the peak which was of boulder. As sun was blazing, we understood why our guide had suggested and taken the path through forest. By 2.30-3 PM we had descended and few of us had splash in the stream flowing. As there was no network and our guide then hitched a ride and informed the tempo traveler, who came to pick us. We reached Balegal at 3-4PM and had snacks and then to Mullodi. We got freshened up and our host gave us hot fried pakoda and ate to content. We then proceeded to Somavathi water fall and were chatting.  We reached home stay and to kill time we were chatting and later had dinner and retired for the day as next day we had to trek Kudremukh.

We started at 8AM after having breakfast and  our guide lead from the front. All were enthusiastic and after seeking permission from the forest guard and were informed about the dos and don’ts. Keeping in mind of the same, we started our trekking journey at 8.15. We commenced our trekking to Kudremukh Base and the landscape was varying between forest, meadows and grasslands and passing through the streams, however the stream was running dry or less with water. We reached open spaces wherein board was affixed displaying information about the trek distance and other information. The weather was moderate and for our luck, the temperature was not soaring. Chiranth, 10 year old grandson of Krishne Gowda was accompanying and trekking for the first time and it was surprise, that he was not showing any fatigue or tiredness and finally reached Onti Mara (solitary Tree).

For few minutes we took rest and commenced our trekking after having oranges.  We started to ascend the 1-2 km Steep. Looking back it gave us perfect landscape. Forest, meadows and thick vegetation, grasslands made up a nice picture.

We reached the horse shaped spine and continued our trekking to the tip of the peak. We passed through the stream and there was no water and finally we reached the peak at 12.00PM.

We remained in the peak taking pictures and also a little accomplishment for having trekked the KNP and started to descend and had our lunch beside the stream and descended to the base point. The weather conditions was varying and it was great to see the grasslands forest and meadows in full serene. We passed through the forest, meadows, stream, and grasslands again and reached the stay home at 4.30PM, 30 minutes delay.

Later it was time for packing bag and freshened up. The Host served us with hot tea and pakoda. The host gave us sweet and informed that it was his grandson birthday. We wished him and had a nice group picture with the host, guide and family members. Arun suggested us visiting Annapooraneshwari Temple and however due to heavy crowd and we abort the plan after seeing the crowd.  It was time for feedbacks, thanking the organisers and also the friends.  The entire team were energetic and enthusiastic till the end of the journey even after trekking for 32 Kms in two days. We reached Bengaluru around 5.00AM. It was pleasant spending time with the midst of the nature and also with enthusiastic friendly companions.

Written by             : Ambrish Byrsandra
Organized by         : Arun Kumar
Date of event        : Dec 22nd & 23rd, 2018
Pictures                : FB Page
Place                      : Kurinjal & Kudremukh

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