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Day Trip to Horagina Betta

It was a normal morning in Bangalore, the weather was cloudy. Few of the  BTC members joined from majestic and few from Hebbal. When everybody reached we had a quick introduction session where we all got to know each other. soon we reached Udupi Sadan at 8:30 where we all had breakfast and get to know each other well. Soon we left for Horagina Betta and we started our trek at 10:00.

We took a route where it was filled with rocks and grasses, it was decided that Ramesh (our organizer)  would lead us and Ashish (our organizer) would come in the last. After about 1 1/2 hour of trekking, we reached a place when we found two routes and we took the left route. By this time we all were Having fun talking to each other and clicking some pictures. After a while we reached a peak at about 12:55 and we realized we took a long route. As it was decided in prior we had a potluck and for the people who didn't get the snacks, we got a parcel of food from UdupiSawada. We all shared food, fruits, and sweets. After relaxing for 30 mins we had permission to explore the place whereon the same journey we enjoyed a beautiful view and captured the moments with everyone.

We started our trek down taking a new route where we came across Shani temple and soon after we reached the same path where there were two tracks, we requested Ashish to take a route that we didn't even know. Later we realized it was attached to Nandi hills road, By this time Ramesh was busy searching new tracks for us to go down. Now this track was a bit exciting because it was different from the path we took earlier. Few masti filled journey came to an end as we reached the bottom of the hill.

But our organizers had different plans, they decided to take us to Bhoga nandeeshwar temple which was about 4 km from Horagina Betta and by this time it started raining but for explorers like us, the rain was not a hurdle. We decided to visit the temple even in the rain and by this time it was about 4:20. After exploring the temple and spending some time there we started our journey back to Bangalore by 5:15. We reached Bangalore by 6:10 where we all bid each other goodbye holding all the memories and journey spent with the team. And yet again all of us had the coolest weekend.

Written by             : Bhumika Ranganath
Organized by         : Ashish Chouhan
Date of event        : Jul 13, 2019

Place                    : Horagina Betta

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