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One day Trek to Ramdevara Betta

I was wishing to do one last trek before the end of 2019, maybe Santa Claus conveyed my wish to BTC trek organizer’s perhaps the wish was getting real when I saw the trek notification before the start of 2020 without much ado registered for the “One Day Trekking to Kyatasandra”. And this trek became even more special when the organizer Ashish accepted my request by shortlisting my sister’s name for the participant's list.

It was planned on 28th December 2019, to meet at the Majestic railway station by 6:55 am and itinerary were set to travel by train to Kyatasandra stop. To follow BTC tradition everyone with excited faces started the ice-breaking session along with the fun questionnaires.  Ramadevra betta is situated in Kyatsandra. Kyatsandra is a small town located near Tumkur, 70 km away from Bengaluru.

We reached Kyatsandra at 9:45 am, the mountain base is about a km away from railway station before starting the trek the organizer’s Ashish and Vikram explained BTC rules to be followed during trek. The trek trail started with the mud path and then with the boulders, even though it was a winter trek we were able to experience the heat of March. The temperature changes made my energy drain with dehydration because of which I had to take multiple halts in between, with the organizer’s help and by the support of trek mates which energized my motivation to complete the trek. The trail is not difficult, but the climate and the thorns made the trail a little challenging.

We reached the peak at 12:00 pm, unlike the other peaks this mountain peak was flat with the lotus pond, a temple with the view and there were big boulders at the top of the mountain. As we had ample amount of time, we were chatting for a while and enjoyed the view with few clicks in between and at 1:30 pm it was the time for a yummy potluck. The view was getting better when the climate showed mercy with the cool breeze for a few minutes. Peak view is a combo of the small town, railway track and the multiple boulder mountains as a perfect icing on the cake.

A few minutes after the potluck, we planned to explore the peak different edges. Indeed, we were able to enjoy the different angles of the view. We started to descend at 2:30 pm, the slope boulders made few of our mates to slip their steps and it was a test for our shoe grips. It took an hour and 15 minutes to reach the base and by this time our water resource was exhausted, as bliss we found sugarcane stall to satisfy our thirst.

Our train was at 4:30 pm, as BTC routine completing feedback sessions we hopped into our train seats. We reached Bengaluru around 7 pm. Everyone departed with the heavy heart and hoping to meet each other next time.

My learning from the trek – Strong footholds and determination helps to reach the goal, in between the hurdles never give up is learning to carry everywhere.

Written By      : Radhika Ranganath
Organized By  : Ashish & Vikram
Date of event : Dec 28, Saturday 2019
Place              : Kyatasandra, Ramadevara Betta
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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