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One day trek to Bananthi Maribetta

A chilly winter morning and 21 and a half (Kidding, for a kid aged 8) travel enthusiast started their journey to the town of Kanakpura to conquer the Maribetta

Little did they know, what the day has treasured for them. After competing sumptuous breakfast on the way, the journey started again. The round of introduction started with the BTC’s famous dumb shall act and believe me these acting skills will give run for money to even Oscar winners. (Ha-ha, kidding obviously).

After reaching to the destination and getting down from bus, we reached on the foot of Maribetta and in the excitement of climbing it, we took the 1st route in front of us without confirming the feasibility to reach up. And, just after some steps, we realized that it was not the usual one or say easy one. But we all were explorers, so decided to go ahead with the new challenge.

Once we started climbing, just after 10 mins, we were introduced to almost 80 degree rock hill, which was not expected by us. But with the help of all the veteran trekkers we all including an 8 year old kid could complete that one. But ‘Ye toh bas trailer tha, Picture abhi baki h mere dost’.

The complexity of trek started increasing and the hills started becoming more and more steep. And as this was not the usual route, so finding a way to top was also a challenge, but a new proverb came up that day ‘A trekker in need is a trekker indeed.’ All the trekkers were supported by the other experienced trekkers and treks leads and taken safely to the top.

And now it’s the time for delicious potluck, which had so many yummy dishes like, Methi k Parathe (by Ashish), Maggi, different types of rice, breads, biscuits and lots of love and care. After satiating our hungry and tired tummy, it was time to head back to base and there is just one learning, ‘Don’t forget your childhood, as you don’t know when again you need to walk with hands and feet’. Yes, that’s true, most of us came down using both hands and feet, but the whole journey was so satisfying and full of learnings and new experiences.

The most high point in this whole journey was, how each one us supported each other through out the trek and didn’t let anyone give up at any point of time. I believe, that’s what makes us ‘BTCians’ different from rest of the crowd. 

Written By      :  Nutan Tiwari
Organized By  :  Ramesh K C and Ashish
Date of event  : Jan 11, Saturday 2020
Place              :  Bananthi Maribetta
Pictures          :  BTC FB Page

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