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One day trek to Channarayana Durga

Technology is just like nature. It’s beautiful.
We gather, we trek and then we use pieces of technology to describe our day, our journey, our memories to make an all rounded trip! 

My second trek with BTC was just as beautiful. Just as adventurous. Just as unique.

Any typical trek group goes in a round-robin fashion to introduce themselves with trekking experience and professional experience, hobbies, etc. etc. but this duo made our long journey to the hill an excellent use of time, killing sleep jitters and entertainment for one and all. We were asked to enact each other’s first and last names just as it’s done in dumb charades. This interesting way to know all the fellow trekkers kept everyone engaged and interacting.

It was beautiful, because, Ramesh and Ashish, our trek leads, took us through the unexplored paths to the peak of Channaraydurga, in the outskirts Namma Bengaluru. At first glance one shall only see a famous rock structures Karnataka is popular for. But once you set foot on this hill, its just like an onion with layer above layer above layer. If I’m not wrong, we climbed up to 3-4 levels (stories) of these humongous rocks. Each just as beautiful as the other.

Organizers, with no doubt, were professionals on the steep & coarse surface of those rocks. They knew their way around the hills where water streams made the hard rocks slippery. They made sure everyone kept up with their pace as one lead the group and the later tailed with slow pokes.

Channarayadurg was a hill filled with eye catching formations of nature. The flow down paths of the rainwater formed black stripes on the golden shining rocks, more over the rains led to small lakes and ponds on hills where tiny cute little fishes thrived. They were such a treat to watch when we fed them with biscuits, and they all gathered around the food bits like a tiny volcano. Some of us were lucky to get a pedicure as well from the generous fishes. These lakes were formed besides temples with an antique design. Stone carved entrances and exits, watch towers, cool breeze from the lakes made out trek a lovely picnic

Lastly, this trek was unique. Mind you, every trek is unique. The reason behind it is, the amazing, zesty and full of life group that comes along. There is not one person who is there for anything but fun, thrill and filled with common joy of climbing up a hill and making a success out of it. This unique bit is the second reason I go out and have fun with newer and larger groups of trekkers every time I get a chance to! 

Spread the joy of trekking, challenge yourself with a small adventure, live the thrill of climbing!
I hope my first reason is enough for everyone to define one of their own! 

See you soon, somewhere high!

Written By      :  Komal Nesargi
Organized By  :  Ramesh K C and Ashish
Date of event  : Feb 8, Saturday 2020
Place              :  Channarayana Durga
Pictures          :  BTC FB Page

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