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Clouds, Rain, Rainbow – Amazing SKANDAGIRI

After long wait of 4 years in Bangalore, saw Phenomenal view from Skandagiri Hills. Visited this place twice in 2009 & 2010. However, never felt so awesome.

About Skandagiri:-
Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is an ancient mountain fortress with an altitude of about 1350 meters. It is one of the hill forts in the Nandi Hill ranges. The dilapidated walls of Tipu Sultan's fort can be seen even today.

Trip Outline:-
As per plan everyone should meet @ Esteem Mall, Hebbal by 2am. So, Me & Anthony started from room by 12:30am & reached Mall by 1am. Viru & Shruthi are already waiting. So, we started speaking with each other. Rest of the folks came by 2:15am. We had introduction on Main Road only at 2:30am. Started Biking towards Skandagiri which is nearly 60kms. As it is not much distance, we decided to go slow 40kms/hr speed.
Followed the directions which are given in Google Maps & by my friend. As it is night, missed left & went till Chikballapur road. Then followed directions given by friend & finally reached Base by 5am. On the way, villagers stopped & asked if they need guide. We told that, we don’t require. Parked our vehicles & started moving back of Shiva temple.

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We took trail which went through bushy plants, thorns, rocks. We literally need to crawl, creep, jump to cross those in trail. Inclination of hill is increasing regularly. I understood that, we selected difficult trail rather than regular trail which we had. As we came long way, we decided to move ahead making our own trail & reach top by sunrise. We are struck in place where we can’t move ahead. 3 of our folks climbed it & not able to come down also. Sunrise happened (Back of large black clouds) we trekked 80% of the hill.
Me, Rahul Murthy, Shruthi, Venkatesh saw Sunrise from the place where we are struck. Relaxed for sometime there seeing the sunrise. Later, saw clouds coming from Skandagiri towards other hill which brought back our energy levels. We decided that, we need to go to top @ any cost to see the view.
So, we took de-tour to left side & started ascending again. Viru called & said that, we have a clear trail on left side. Every1 of us started going in that way. Finally, I found the trail & updated rest of the team also. I reached the top by 7am & others by 7:30am. All the struggle we had for climbing the Skandagiri vanished after seeing the beautiful nature from top of hill.
Lot of clouds are passing us with chilled weather. Photo shoots started by all cameras. Stood on top of the temple & saw excellent view of Nandi Hill, Channagiri Hill, Kaurava Kunda Hill. I saw rain falling from the clouds which was magnificent from less distance. As rain is falling, rainbow also appeared in-front of us. I am not sure when is last time I saw a rainbow - may be years back).
Sun didn't show his power for more than 3 hours as there are lot of clouds. Sun rays couldn't pass them. So, 3 hours we had wonderful time on top of the hill in between clouds, rain. We sat inside the temple for sometime, relaxed as it is raining. Had snacks & decided to start descending down as it is already 10am (3hours stayed on top). We took few more pictures @ top & pillars.
Started descending down after so wonderful nature view. It took 90 minutes to reach base where we parked our vehicles. Everyone washed their faces & started towards Bangalore. Went to Chikballapur & had brunch stomach full. Later, drove back to Bangalore on 6 bikes.

Travel Guide (No Police Check post):-
1. Drive on NH 7 (Bangalore - Hyderabad Highway).
2. After 45kms or so, you will see Left road (Goes to Chikballapur) & Right is Highway.
3. Take left & drive 1km or so.
4. You will see Temple (Left) & Engineering college (Right).
5. Take left for Sri Satya Sai Grama (Yellow Sign board).
6. Go straight & take left which leads to CBP - Nandi village.
7. At dead end, take Left way (Shows Sign board for Muddenahalli)
8. Take Right for Sri Satya Sai Grama (Yellow Sign board) inside Arch.
9. Drive 2kms, you will reach village, dead end.
Villagers will be there guiding you to park vehicles. From this place, we have trail (5kms - To & Fro).
10. For one more trail, take left @ drive straigh till you reach dead end with Shiva Temple - Papagni Mutt
Here also you can park the vehicles.
11. For the trail, walk to right side of the temple & go staight for 500m till dead end.
12. From there, you can see directions of trail on rocks painted. It will guide you up (7kms - To & Fro)
Note: Bike Petrol might be removed sometimes. Be cautious.

We have another route which leads to Skandagiri. However, there is Police Checkpost. They wont allow to do night trek.

Best Moments in Trek:-
* Successfully trekking top of hill in toughest trail.
* Awesome scenic from skandagiri Hill - Clouds, Rain, Rainbow, 3 hrs of fun time.

Thanks Giving:-
* Thanks to everyone who made this trek so cherishable one.
* Thanks to Anthony for being with group at difficult times.
* Thanks for the inputs & feedbacks given on this trek. So that, we will improve more.

Let's meet in future treks. Keep trekking & enjoy Mother Nature :)

Written By      : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Main Blog        : Adusumilli 2 Nature
Organized By   : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of Event  : 17th-Feb, 2013
Place              : Kalwara village, Chikballapur
Pictures          : Chaitanya, Rahul Accot


  1. One of my dream trek. I enjoyed a lot. Thanks Chaitanya

  2. Hi There,

    Nice and informative blog. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our kinetic. I was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips.



    1. Hi Kusum,

      Yes, hill road is safe to ride. And you can switch off the engine while coming down. Please don't follow the travel guide written in this blog as it is not for Nandi hills but for Skandagiri. I believe your know the route if not then please use Google Maps. Last thing which I would like to say is: I might not recommend you to take Kinetic as its engine is not so strong, However, I have seen few who take Kinetic as one of their option.



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