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Gabbar Singh Ka Adda - Ramadevara Betta

Ramadevara Betta (Hill) is a Hindu shrine rising more than 3000 feet. Lord Ram is said to have visited here during his 14 years exile. There is a Ram temple at the top of the hill. It will give you an awesome feeling as you approach the hill. It is here the 1975 super hit movie Sholay was shot.This betta is in Ramanagara.

At the entrance there is a big colorful gate followed by stone carved steps leading to the top of the hill amidst greenery. There are around 300 steps. After climbing around 250 steps you will see a Anjaneya (Hanuman) temple. Climb little further to reach the top. Here, it is like a little valley with trees and shades made by the rock nearby. On the left you can climb little further to reach the view point. From here one can get a awesome view of the surrounding.

Writeup from Vaisakh Parameswaran:
Back from a fantastic trek to Ramadevara Betta. (in search of Gabbar Singh) 

Though the start of summer did inform us of its presence, we were able to complete trek till the trail ended on the hill with enough breaks for the drinks and photographs. 
We alighted at Ramanagara station, had breakfast and reached the starting point of the trek in an auto. We had a Basanthi aka Shashi Kala, (the only female in the group) and a mini Gabbar Singh aka Prakun (who had enough girl friends in this 6th std class) with us in case we did not find the real ones.

Climbed two hills, one having a steep climb with steps on the rock and the other with with a cave in which you cant stand but has to move with your knees bent. 
This time arriving without a camera, Debendra Reddy was the main model for all the photographers and 'Basanthi' coming second.
After alighting, we moved to the town for having lunch and then proceeded for the boating. The most entertaining person of the group who likes sinking boats, Mr. Rahul Pradhan did not disappoint us and did capsize one boat throwing himself and mini Gabbar into the water (The blame game is not still settled between the two people who had the feel of the water). FInished boating and we started our journey back after waiting for a train (we had self introduction sessions at end of the trek.!) which was only 30 min late.
It was a day well spent and Kudos to organizers Megharaj and Ruwise for their wonderful job.

Travel Guide:-
1. Catch "Tirupati-Chamarajanagar Fast Passenger - 56214" @ 7:30am from Bangalore City Station (SBC). It reaches Ramanagara by 8:25am.
2. From there, we can hire auto to "Ramadevara Betta" which is 15mins drive. Note-down driver number & can call him while coming down the hill. So that, auto will be ready evening.
3. From there, you can go to Ramanagara Boating point which is 30mins drive (Rs 15/head). Tell auto driver to stay as you can return back.
4. Boating is Rs 25 / head / 30 minutes.
5. Return train - Hubli Express @ 4:20pm. Another train @ 6pm passenger.

Write-up       : Vaisakh Parameswaran
Blog - 2nd     : Gabbar Ki Khoj
Organized By : Megharaj K & Ruwise Esho
Date of event: 9th-Feb, 2013
Place            : Ramanagara
Pictures        : RuwiseVaisakh P, Amit Behera, BTC-MID-19

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