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Makalidurga Full Moon Night Trek

My First Ever Night Trek
Naa jaane hum sab kahaa the,
nikal pade he hum manzil ko dhoond the..

Trekking toh ek bahana he,
Dost naye banana he...

Masti ki chadar ood ke,
saath saath jaane ka kasam khaa ke...

Kasalo apni boots and bags,
karlo thodi bahut funny gags...

BTC ka zandaa hum leharayenge,
agle Trek me hum phir milenge...

Naa jaane hum sab kahaa the,
Nikal pade he hum sab manzil dhoond the...

Even though I started preparing one day before the trekking couldn't do single task as we tend to do at the last moments. Clock was ticking, only 4 hours left for trekking, started to feel the heat. I bought some food stuff and other listed things for trekking. I packed the things and started my journey before an hour to railway station  some unexpected traffic showed up near corporation, Me & Vishnu stuck in the traffic whether we reach in time we kept our finger crossed. Finally we reached  majestic just 10 mins before the departure of train, we got our food packed for the dinner and arrived at the platform 8  just in time; soon after train started moving. I was little scared as one of our organizer Meghraj missed the train. This was my first time and main organizer is missing we got panicked, later understood  Chaitanya was already been to this before and he is also one of the organizers, things got settled slowly and started to introduce ourselves.
Our exciting journey started Chaitanya explained about the place and all. Everyone greeted again in the meantime Chaitanya asked whose first night is this ( we were speaking about the trekking) few of us raised our hands but  the question was changed its direction everyone had a laugh about that. We got a message from Meghraj saying he will take the bus route and join us but most of them were thinking he can’t make it. Yeshwanthpur station arrived 3 more people ( Prabhakar, Nagraj & Sangamesh ) came in but they entered the other compartment because of shortage in  time. Prabhakar was alone, Nagraj & Sangamesh were together in other compartment. After a few train stops Nagraj & Sangamesh came to our compartment. Train was moving slowly, lot of crossings, parallell a KSRTC  bus  was travelling. Ruwise noticed that and flakily said Meghraj is in that KSRTC  bus, at the same time we confirmed with Meghraj and turns out to be true. Again our train stopped for crossing, by that time Meghraj reached the Makalidurga which is our destination for trekking, after few minutes we also reached the same station. Soon after we met Meghraj but he was having company Ranjith( nickname Robo ). Everyone was thrilled to start night trekking, thought of doing intro there but we postponed doing it on the hill.
We walked on the main road for about 2 Kms to reach the hill. It was around 8.45 PM we were ready to start the adventure on a full moon. Few places we didn't used torch as moonlight was sufficient. Ranjith started to address us as robos. Chaitanya and Meghraj  [ Organizers  ] as commandos.

Whatever organizers informed us we would refer it as an order. They gave brief about To-do and Not-To-do list. They were finding the track we were just following them. Vishnu and me were kind of new to trekking, bought lot of luggage especially Vishnu. Everyone making fun of us, me and Vishnu,  saying “you could stay here for a week without a problem”.  As it was dark making difficult to find the track, It used to take some extra time, we were enjoying those breaks and cracking couple of jokes. Me and Vishnu were doing good up to certain point (around 50% of the way). Now the luggage was too much problem for us, we were cornered and climbing almost vertical rock. At this point we thought we made a mistake of coming to trek but all the B.T.C guys helped us to cross the hurdle. Sangamesh came up with a brilliant idea of taking snap by removing the flash of the camera instead using torch light which was projected only to face. Those pics were in different dimension in all together. Most of us did sometime of photo sessions with the Sangamesh concept by that time every one known each other very well. In no time we reached the top of hill at around 11:30.
We all moved to watch-tower everyone were letting to feel the breeze and the view was excellent and later moved to Shiva temple and took a darsan. After lot of discussion we had a plan to have dinner at the camp-fire and also to have an intro. All guys were collecting dry wood to make the campfire.

Once the camp-fire was done we are all hungry and started to have dinner, most of us bought lemon rice, I heard some voices who desperately looking for chicken piece which were hardly found.  We all shared the food and started the intro. In the intro we had lot of gags but the one which I find interesting was with Prabhakar’s. He was talking about the exams, suddenly he said “I asked a girl to show“. We were changing the direction from to other angles had a fun over that dialog. Once the intro was over, Arun came up with an idea of “Telling the meaning of their names”. I think this was the funniest part of our trekking. Lot of jokes cracked the one which I feel good is “(My name is sukruth)( I was explaining the meaning , Sukrutha means punya and parents removed “a” in the Sukrutha to make me male ).Soon after I gave lot of examples where in  removing  ‘a’ in female names would make male names. But in the mind me and Vishnu were really scared how do we descend the hill.  Few of them stayed there and explored the hill and others went to temple to sleep. It was already 3am.

Organizers waked us up at 6am, we got refreshed and waiting for sunrise but it took for almost 45 minutes. Best part of our trekking is watching the sunrise. It was bright orange and delightful to see it.
After the sunrise we started descending the hill but this time when we got down we followed correct tracks so no scary hurdles, all of them enjoyed. Chaitanya was leading from the front and Ruwise made sure everyone of us in proper track. Once Ruwise came down that was it. Trekking got over in almost an hour and half.

After that we got some group snaps at the railway track and followed the track to reach the railway station. While travelling along the way we did lot of photo sessions and some child hood tricks like keeping the coin on the track.
Everyone was still enthusiastic, thirsty for next trekking experience and finally reached the railway station. Then we had feedback sessions. Everybody gave their opinions and had fun with monkeys also, went to nearby condiment shop and get into the bus to Bangalore. At the majestic we promised ourselves to meet in some other treks and got departed.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to BTC team who made this as a memorable day in my life.

Video of memorable trek: Feb 26th Night Trek

Poem Written By   : Benny Nagraj
Blog Written By     : Sukruth Grandhi
2nd Blog                : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
3rd Blog                : Prabhakar G
Video Made By       : Sangamesh   
Organized By         : Meghraj Kurkoti
Date of event        : 23rd-Feb, 2013
Place                    : Makalidurga
Pictures                : Chaitanya, Santosh Gupta, Sangamesh, Ruwise

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