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Rayakottai Here We Come - 10 Aug, 2013

"Get up guys", Sarbjit came in our room. "We have to go to Rayikottai today". With one eye open, I glanced at my mobile. It was 4:15am. The enthusiasm emanating from his voice made him look like a kid who got something that he desired from a long time.
"Buzz of Dude" It's just 4:15. We have to go by 6:30 and don't you dare enter my room before 5:30. Just 2 minutes passed by and I was again sleeping peacefully. But that peace was short lived. 
"Kandhon se milte hain kandhe, kadmo se kadam milte hai, hum chalte hai jab aise, dil dushman ke hilte hain" Rahul played music in full volume on his speakers. Rubbing my eyes and swearing on his name, I got up and went barking in his room. Seeing the energy, my expression also changed and I also joined the party. The only person left sleeping now was Rohit but hearing the pandemonium, he also woke up.
Laughing, giggling, chuckling, singing, dancing, we all got ready and reached Baiyyappanahalli station at 6:40am (an hour before the scheduled time). We were supposed to meet other teammates at this station. The train was just 5 minutes late (considering its India, it's a big achievement)
Three more team members joined us at the same station, and we all boarded the train.
"Rayakottai, Here we come"

The train started after some time and with that started the event which gave everyone unforgettable memories.
It was awesome mix n match from people from all parts of India. But the way all mixed and started enjoying, it did not seem like they were meeting for first time.
Seeing breakfast in hand of Monalisa, Shashidhar started talking with her. Seeing the pleading in his voice, the young lady gave her breakfast to him and within no time, it was over. After that started the belly filling session.
With our bellies full, one of the guys took out portable speakers, and with Bollywood songs playing, few of us started shaking our legs. After some hesitation, whole group mingled and started enjoying the party. All other passengers in train also started enjoying themselves.
About 10:00am, we reached the Rayakottai station, and the organizers Santosh and Channa counted us and made sure that none is left behind. After getting our lunch parcels 29 BTCians started the journey. The trek was easy, the weather was ok, the co-members were awesome and experience was unforgettable. Walking, talking, taking photos of each other in different pose, we all reached the top around 12-12:30pm.
Unfortunately even after Santosh's advice to carry water bottle, we did not take water with us and were really thirsty when we went up. But it was good for us to have such cooperative members who gave us water and brought new life in us. We spent some time at top and did that photography session. The organizers had decided a place where to have lunch since sitting at top and having lunch for such a big group was risky affair. So we opened our lunch packets and started munching lemon rice. I, being from north India normally do not like rice. But trust me, the party atmosphere or the hunger, whatever it was, that was the delicious lunch, I had in recent time.
The organizers pre warned us not to throw plastic bags on our way and our fun should not be reason of the beautiful place being converted into a dustbin. We collected all the after lunch polybags etc. into a big polybag and made sure it was not left there to spoil the place.
After that, started the dance session. We were enjoying ourselves but then somehow the honeybees were let loose and were all over the place. Maybe something hit their bee hive. We had to leave the place. We all started descending and in sometime reached back to village.
We all had drinks there that gave us new energy and we all headed towards the station. 
(p.s- With drinks I mean lime soda, don't get your hopes too high, alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited with BTC)
So, this was end of beautiful journey with unforgettable memories of Rayakottai. I would like to thank the organizers and founders of BTC.

This is Ikshit Batra signing off for now. Will come back with another tale of another outing. For photos you can go to below links.

Written By          : Ikshit Batra
Organized By     : Channabasappa Nad and Santosh Kumar Gupta
Members Count : 29 (25M, 4F)
Date of event     : 10th Aug, 2013
Place                  : Rayakottai Fort Trek
Pictures             : Santosh, Channa, Nikhilesh, Sribacha, Sarabjit

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