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One Day Trek to Rayakottai Fort - 10 Aug, 2013

The organisers and big brothers of the trip, Channa and Santosh along with some folks started from Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station, few joined at Baiyyappanahalli Railway Station and few more at Karmelarem Railway Station. We were 29 in total. As we settled down, organisers served the best Akki Rottis that I have ever had for breakfast. I just loved them. The Train was on time and in no time, we reached Raikottai at 9.50am (well I know it quite surprising :p).
After packing Lemon rice for the lunch, from a small hotel near the Rayakottai bus stand, we started walking towards the hill. In not more than 15 mins we were at foot of the hill. This fort has a rich history and is one of the protected monuments by the Archeological Survey of India. Check on the Wikipedia for all the historic info of the place. It took 2 hours to climb up to the top of the hill with Channa leading the group and Santosh sweeping from back and also clicking some pics for us through out.

It really does not take more than an hour, but when enjoying the wind, the sun, the beautiful nature along with posing for some pictures to show off on FB, yes it does take 2 hrs.
There were some slightly damaged structures of the fort rooms and boundary wall all along the way. As we reached the top of the fort, we saw a small, flat and round place. In the centre of the place are the remains of a two stepped flagpole on which the Mighty Tippu Sultan and the British hoisted their flags on once upon a time. This is the highest point of the hill and you can see a beautiful breath-taking view of the town with many other small hills, a railway track, a big lake and the sky touching the earth. There is neither a wall nor a fence around the place. One can enjoy the complete view of the town and surrounding at its best from here. Some call it's unsafe, some say it's risky, but that is the true form of the nature. It lets us go till the tip to feel the joy and lets one choose the limit. We cross the limit and later blame it. :)
As we were all enjoying the scenic beauty of the place, Santosh unfolded us a surprise. It was a bright and beautiful Indian flag. With four days to go for the 66th Indian Independence day, we jumped in joy with spirits of Mother Nation. After taking a group pic with the Indian flag, we started descending. Kudos to the organisers for the idea!! What an idea Sirjis. :) A day away from the polluted air, honks, horns & traffic of the Bangalore roads, it's a pleasant experience to feel the nature and it's an independence day for us. And this is much better than being a lazy bum sitting on a couch.
Now settled and camped in a nice place near this big room there for lunch. The packed lemon rice is no less than a Biryani for us here now. It's so authentic taste, my next time here, I would go for it without a second thought. Thanks to organisers for his perfect pre trail arrangements.
After having the lunch, now it's the time for some dance. As we were dancing, not exaggerating, but, we have some surprise visitors, a group of bees loved our music and joined our party and asked,” How could you guys not invite us?” We were not comfortable with dancing with the bees, so we offered them the entire place and quietly walked away. (Literally ran away :P). It was 2:00pm already and so we started descending and reached down in less than half an hour and soon reached the market centre of the town. With the banners of Thala(Ajith) and Illaya Thalapathi(Vijay) , the poster boys of the Tamil Cinema of the times, one can feel the presence of the Tamil Nadu now. No doubt, they are the Demi-Gods and Superheroes of the folks here. After having slight refreshments here, we started walking to Railway station.
This time we have our Train late by half hour (so no surprise !! :P ). After posing for some pics, the tired folks retired for a little rest now.
Despite being a community group, Organisers charged us exorbitantly. They did not give any discount for the first timers, they did not accept cards and they said no to Sodexo Coupons too. We were left with no choice but to pay the full amount of Rs. 110 !! :P
As soon as the train arrived, we jumped into and did not find place to sit down. So we sat on the upper ones and find ourselves a comfortable place. While few passed the time on jokes and some on Antakshari, others had taken a little rest. With fresh Vadas, Idlies, Bhel Puri and Keera, it was a treat for the people who love the country side foods. We reached Bangalore and soon people starting bidding byes for the new friends.
This was one of the best fun treks that I have been to. And my first one with BTC. The efforts that Channa and Santosh have put in are visible through out. Sending e-mails, SMSes and informing people of the every minute details well in advance, a pre trail on the day before and arranging for food, they did everything to ensure a smooth experience for us, and it's only possible with a tremendous effort. A bbbbbiiiiiiigggggg 'THANKQ' Channa, Santosh and BTC :)

Written By          : Nikhilesh Alapati 
Organized By     : Channabasappa Nad and Santosh Kumar Gupta
Members Count : 29 (25M, 4F)
Date of event     : 10th Aug, 2013
Place                  : Rayakottai Fort Trek
Pictures             : Santosh, Channa, Nikhilesh, Sribacha, Sarabjit

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