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Night Trek to Nandi Range BTC's 100th Event

Well, I have been to Bangalore before, but never viewed it the way I do now.

Both me and my husband, Nikhil - are outgoing people. Newly married as we are, we have explored a lot of malls in the past three months. Shopping and dining, seemed to be our weekend agenda. Then, I came across BTC through internet, and referred it to hubby. He sportingly agreed to join in. Soon, there was a mail by Viru, about a trek to Nandi range. And we both registered for it, thinking it will be fun to do some adventure trek with a new group.

As destined, we reached Shantala Bus Stand by 3.30 and most of the trekkers were already there. So, the first thing that I learned, was everyone does not follow the famous Indian Standard Time of being late. Well, but some do! Hehe, there was a total of 27 registrations, but only 18 reached on time. 5 of them cancelled and 4 others – reached after the allotted time. And we had already left. So the second thing that I learned in BTC was – if you are late, well – your loss.
We started from Shantala Bus Stand around 4pm and reached Nandi Cross around 5.30. From there, we took autos and went to the Karahalli Cross , the bottom of the hill. Had some amazing pakoras with chai. And started the trek with some introductions. It was then that we found out, there were 7 first time trekkers in the group of 18. But, the old gang, especially, Viru and Sonali, never made us feel like freshers. They were always talking to all of us and making us feel so comfortable. 

Though the uphill, was a little difficult for us freshers, while the more experienced ones made it very exciting for us. Waiting for us, giving us space for small rest, and the ever enthu clicks during the rests – made it all so simple and welcoming. Girish was always ready with his cam for all group photos – and every girl in the group blessed him for clicking amazing pics. The ever enthu, group of guys started collecting wood for bonfire as we came closer to the peak. And when we reached the top, the guys made a small local chulha, and the girls made a local kitchen – akka heating water and pouring in cuppa noodles. But, believe me, noodles never tasted this yum. And special thanks to Abhijit Desai, who went through a lot of pain and got some amazing salad for the entire gang. Also, thanks to the celebration of the 100th event, Viru had brought an amazing cake, which was all massacred on the way up the hill. But the taste still remained indulging.
After dinner and cake, we shifted our base, and started an actual campfire. It started with detailed introduction about everyone, with others asking curious questions, especially to the freshers. Like, Nik and me – were grilled about our semi-arranged cum actual love story and how we got married. Vivek, Simran and Rohan - were impressive with their Shamak Davar dance academy stories. Then, focus shifted on the dance moves. While the dancers, showed some sassy steps on 1-2-3-4 from Chennai Express. The enthus’, showed some grooving steps on Lungi Dance. The couple, that’s Nik and me - showing some romantic dance moves. The gujju of the group, Umang – showing some garba steps. And then the floor was open to all showing some raunchy moves. 
After dance, came the chance for songs. The group was divided into two, and we played Antakshari. With each team and each member contributing with some new, some old and some, well – some Deshbhakti songs, we did enjoy a lot. God, that went on for a very long time. With both teams playing well, we finally gave up on defeating the other team. And started talking about the first crushes of everyone’s life. It was amazing to see, how a group of strangers opened up so well to each other and enjoyed it.

Everyone was now feeling tired with the dancing and singing and talking. So, Ankit, brought up the energy quotient, by getting all ingredients to make coffee. And Sonali and Ramya, making coffee possible. Amongst, coffee, fire and small chit chat, we heard Gujju shouting at top of his voice, “Hey guys, look there”. Every head turned to his finger and then to where he was pointing. There we saw the first trace of the coming sunrise. We all waiting eagerly, enjoying the different hues of the sky. From pitch black, to dark red, to orangy to full fledged sunrise. That was the most beautiful sunrise ever. It was then that we realized that none of us slept all through the night, and we still had so high levels of energy. All cameramen got busy clicking pics, all models –esp girls, got busy posing.
Post the sunrise and pics, we started descending with photos on every few steps down. Well, as in life so on the hill – going down was much easier than going up. We reached the base camp, freshened up and had some snacks and chai. After that was the feedback session. And Viru did get some amazingly positive feedback from the freshers. While coming back, we started from Karahalli Cross to Devanhalli. Changed the bus, and from there to Bangalore Majestic.
Wait along, the tale is not over yet. And neither is the day. A surprise waited us all at the bus stop. As we all gathered to say good byes, Yogeeta, brought out a pack of colors and everyone started to paint the faces. Wishing each other Happy Holi, we finally parted ways with a promise to meet again.

Highlights of the trek-
  • The highlight of the dance floor - Girish and Viru with special Lungi Dance.
  • The highlight of Antakshari - Vivek, who literally ended up shouting the song, everytime he remembered one. 
  • The highlight of the detailed introduction - Nik and Drushti, as everyone was interested in knowing the love story. 
  • The highlight of cooking – Sonali, who managed to make amazing coffee – courtesy Ankit.
  • The highlight of Happy Holi - Yogeeta.

Written By        : Drushti Patel
Organized By    : Virander Sirohi
Date of event    : 15th Mar, 2014
Members Count : 18
Place                : Nandi Range
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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