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The Mighty Century!!!

So here we are 100th event of BTC. Thanks to the BTCians who trusted us and motivated us to do more and more events. We wouldn't have reached to this milestone without your support. You guys always inspired us to do something different and thanks for all your feed-backs which helped us to grow exponentially.

Some awesome moments shared together.
Earlier blog: BTC Journey - One Year Marathon
Organizer’s Journey in BTC:
Journey with Bangalore Trekking Club: My Journey with Virander Sirohi (Founder) started on 4th Jan 2013 as Co-founder. Our main idea is to enjoy in the nature & by treating everyone equal. Lot of things, discussions, calls, hard work put in place for making this group LIVE. Started with Antargange Trek and going on. Being a Participant, I enjoyed the events by involving myself in the nature. More than being a participant, Organizer role is Best for me which I have been doing more. As Organizer, you will be more mature, active, attentive, responsible & better person in handling lot of things in the event. BTC helped me a lot in grooming myself – Being Open, Mingling with people, Being Jovial from a serious person, learnt from mistakes & being better organizer in handling the group. I am PROUD to say that, I am BTCian along with others. Thanks to all BTCians for your support & feedbacks from starting this improved our BTC as group to this level. We (BTC Organizing Team) would do our best to make Bangalore Trekking Club a better group with lot of new ideas. Congrats to all BTCians for 100 events of our family. Each & Every Organizer is behind our 100 Events Milestone. My Heartful THANKS to all our beloved Organizers for this success. This is just a START for us & lot more to achieve. Let’s Rock On!!

You might have heard many reasons why number thirteen is considered unlucky, well here is my reason why year twenty THIRTEEN (2013) has been lucky for me:

It all started at my first trek at Makalidurga, where I first heard his name from a fellow BTC member, "That guy is awesome! He owns a Harley Davidson and he's so crazy about biking" My first thought was, some biker guy huh? Interesting! So when am I gonna meet this guy? I ask him casually, so doesn't he organise Treks? ( Hoping I can join to know more about BTC founder) And he replies, "yeah he does but off late he's into biking and less of Treks". My bubble just burst out hearing that. So I doubted if I ever get to meet him! And I continue asking him when is he organising the next trek, I was even more disappointed to hear that he's gone to US/UK. I was like what?? Oh man! this is frustrating!! 

The guy with such tremendous ability to come up with an idea of a trekking club is super cool and running this with another awesome guy Chaitanya! So the next few days of mine after the Makalidurga trek went on googling about Viru & Chaits, how did they begin BTC. That didn't help much to curb my curiosity about BTC founders. 

Soon Sangamesh opened registrations for Siddarbetta, with yes no yes no, I registered. The shortlist wasn't interesting either, coz I don't see names of either Viru or Chaits. God when am I meeting these chaps, the founders of BTC :( That was THE day for me! Am walking towards Shantala Silk house with Abhishek and there I see Viru and Chaits leaning over the tempo and waiting for the members to arrive. Am I seeing what am seeing? Viru and Chaits?? Somebody pinch me and wake me up from my dreams. This isn't real! Well I was that absorbed and almost tripped and making me more clumsier infront if them. I tried smiling at them and waving a hi but I couldn't. All I could blabber was, ask them if the t shirts that they wore was just for organizers or is there any way that I could get it! By now I just felt that I made a fool out of myself and I just walked into the TT. I took some breaths to relax and well my first encounter with BTC founders, whom I fanned unknowingly even before I actually met them was over! 

Call it luck or destiny which transformed my entire course of life. From then it was just trekking and trekking every week with BTC! And yes I finally could get on to the BTC page as one of the organizer! I cannot end without mentioning these guys who have helped me through out.

Viru: The Rockstar! For always believing in me
Chaits: The silent killer! For his time advice and overlooking all my stupid mistakes and make me smile :-P
Channa: Who's been my mentor/guide and guiding me to begin organising Treks
Ruwise, Meghraj, Shruthi, & Dinesh: Spreading their infective happy spirits to us
Sangamesh & Anthony: Supporting my blogs, no matter how crappy I wrote!
Ajita & Kiruba: For their inputs to organise WOW Treks 
Sush: for being there with me for all that girlie pranks and treks
And Abhishek: who's always been a sport for whatever ideas I come up with and a good listener; no matter even if i'm telling him Mahabharath / Ramayan epic tales !! :)
How can I miss mentioning the wonderful members of this BTC family for their constant support.

BTC has nurtured my hidden passion for trekking to a level which i can't even imagine. I wish we grow more bigger and mightier in coming days and prove it to the world that " NOTHING CAN STOP US; BTC ROCKS!!!" :-)

Well BTC.. by hearing this name itself some hidden power makes me so alert and energetic.. There was a mail from Megharaj describing about BTC. He clearly mentioned how BTC is and how they operate as a non-profit group... After knowing a bit about BTC, i felt there is something in it..!!! Then without wasting my time i checked the Bangalore trekking club's website and registered to get membership ID..

After few days i got a mail about night trek to Kaurava Kunda.. Am a person who is interested in activities like trekking.. many times I planned with my close buddies, few were successful and rest were not successful because of last moment mood changes by friends and all that.

Going with unknown people.. Let me try once.. the trekking enthusiasm in me made me to register for the trek. That was my first trek with BTC..  trek went smooth and after coming back to my room, I sat on a chair and started thinking did i go with unknown people??

There was no room for unknown people because all had become close buddies in an hour or so. The most important thing which i liked about BTC is these people never gave attitude or boss over being an organizer. There started my journey with BTC. I have done many treks with BTC prior to joining as organizer.

Then joined organizing team. And i never felt that we are organizers or I am senior as an organizer and others are junior kind of things with BTC organizing team and BTCians. I am proud to be part of BTC. Many thanks to the founder and my co-organizers(my best buddies/chaddi dosts) and BTCians for making BTC as a Rocking team in Namma Bengaluru.
A happy 100th trekking to BTCians.

BTC simply Rocks..coz: There's no hill that we haven't trekked :-D

With the time running as fast as P.T. Usha, BTC completed it's 100th event in no time :)
Well, for me it all started with an amazing night trek with BTC family to a well-known place MAKALIDURGA @ Just rupees 39 which is way less than a 1 US Dollar :D

Well what i should say about BTC, It gave me an opportunity to explore as many place as i can in 2013. As a participant i must say BTC is a very friendly and fun filled group. Not even in a single event i felt that i am trekking with a bunch of strangers all the people whom i have met till date were awesome and friendly.

With this one year of Journey with a BTC family, i met many people from all over the India, learnt lot of things from them, shared the happiness and memories with them as if we are chuddy buddies :D 

For a nature lover and a avid trekker BTC gave me everything. Now i wish BTC to run as fast as "Usain Bolt" to reach 1000th event in no time. To conclude "I thank all those people whom i have met in this one year of Journey" :) :) Keep in touch folsk :) Keep Trekking Happy Trekking :)

It all started with my love for nature and her incredible healing power that comes with it, have been in Bangalore from 2010 but until 2013 I couldn't take up many treks as was not surrounded by like minded people.  Saddened by the routine(software) life started searching, for the group of trekking enthusiast, That’s when I came to about Bangalore trekking club. Special thanks to Google :P…

My journey with BTC started with Rayakottai organized by Channa (One of best – Need to learn a lot from him especially the way he handles the group),  this place was not that green place but the thing which really inspired me is the passionate group, down to earth and like minded people, soon got addicted to trekking and started taking treks regularly.  Finally one day received a call/message Viru, Channa and Megharaj , “Do you want to be a organizer?”,   The only though which came to my mind is “opportunity knocks only once” Based on my experience I feel it’s true.. So didn’t give a second thought and said yes! And now I am an organizer of a fantastic group.  And the feeling of “finding friends with the same mental disorder as you is – Priceless” which I feel is really true with all the organizer :P

Personally I feel the journey all along was really awesome made a lot of new friends, learnt a lot of thing.  Being an organizer helped me to be more social which I felt I really lacked.  

Thanks to BTC especially Virander and Chaitanya for providing a platform where events can be organized. Thanks to all the organizers for keeping up the group spirit.

And Special thanks to all BTC Member for keeping trust in us and supporting us for making this journey successful.

Well, it all began in Jan, 2013. When Virander (The Rockstar) and I had a talk about his Views on starting BTC. He also added about Chaitanya – An Young, Enthusiastic, Active and Nature Lover . 
They Both Decided to Serve the People in the form of Organising Very good Events  at a Reasonable Price :).  I Appreciated their thoughts/Concerns. 
I was totally thrilled and wanted to join them in this work.  With my Busy Schedule I could not enjoy my first year in Bangalore much. But Viru gave me a Chance :)  Thanks Viru..!!! 
Our First Event was on 12th Jan, 2013 (Night Trek to Antargange). As per the Plan every one arrived on time and I was waiting to meet Chaitanya :)  and finally we had an intro Session to know each other. 
Another Interesting person whom I met that day was Ajitha – Very Active, Sportive and Sabki Pyari …!!! She made us to laugh by Speaking “thuti phuti ” Regional language. The best Part of the Trip was the Healthy fight between Ajitha and Dinesh.  Dinesh is another guy whom I met for the first time. A very energetic guy:). I met Anthony & Prabhakar who were new to me. 
We Celebrated the First Event By Cutting the Cake and Sharing the Jokes :) And Some Healthy Discussion’s/Plan’s on how to Proceed with. Every one Gave there suggestion’s which were very wise :) Those Suggestions are the one which are Recorded in the Rules and Policies of BTC. I suggest Every Person who is new to BTC should read them before Going on his First Event. 
We were back safe with Lot of Memories and I with 5 New Friends. The very Next Day I shared my interest in Organising Events. And I was Surprised to see that without a Second thought they both Agreed to take me into their Founder’s list :) . I was so happy that Day there was No boundary for my happiness :) Thank you Chaitu and Viru :)
My First Event as an Organiser was Makalidurga Night Trek. I was Confident enough that every thing goes well and yes with help of Chaitanya I successfully finished the Event :)
Gradually it became a routine for us to organise Events to New places and Enjoy with the new Friends:) I was totally submerged into the beauty of Nature which pulled me every week-end :)
We, so called Ghost-Riders of BTC Started going on Haunted places, exploring the Reality of the Place. And thanks to God who protected us from every sin :)  
We also organised the Plantation Programs. Which indeed were the favourites of many.
Eventually many others joined the organising Team as Organiser’s and Number of Events per week started increasing. 
Now, BTC as a Family has grown to such an extent that we don’t see a U-turn from Exploring the Beauty of the Nature. 
It feels so good that we are now on the 100th Event. And the whole BTC Family is happy from the Service what we provided :)
And Friend’s I have taken Break for some time and will be back with a Boom till then I am Sure that My Friends, My beloved Organisers of BTC will take care of the Our Bangalore Trekking Club :) Kudos to Every one… !!!

Have Fun, Enjoy the Nature, But Remember Never pollute nor Litter the places :) 

Virander Sirohi
I have no words to describe my feelings. Thanks Chaitanya, Ajita, Deepthy, Sangmesh, Abhishek, Sushma, Meghraj, Ruwise, Kiruba & Anthony in believing in me. Thanks to BTCians who never let us down. I got many new friends some best friends. Thanks to BTC.

Founded By    : Virander & Chaitanya
Founded on    : 4th Jan, 2013
Owned by      : Chaitanya & Ajita

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