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Go Green at Ejipura Army ASC Center

Billions of years ago, there was nothing else on this planet called Earth except hot boiling gases. Then started with the formation of water with the combination of Hydrogen and oxygen by nuclei fission and fusion reactions. Then started laplacing the algae with water as their support substrate. Then started the food chain and in the process, finally ended up with land, water, air, fire and trees and of course HUMAN BEINGS.

Not until I watched a documentary that explains global warming effects and beautifully depicted by movie called WALL-E, I was no more a mediocre citizen but wanted to make some difference. 

"Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind's most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations." – German Cosmonaut’s quote on his view on green environment.

It is no sooner that we will soon end up the greenery around seeing the pace at which people are trying their best to reverse the already caused effects of pollution and deforestation on our environment. I personally feel that we are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. I wanted to make this event count and heads up held high “I already began being the change”. I thank everyone turning out in huge number having that belief one contributing small for the larger good to come. And for all those who feel that I can’t blog well; congrats, you are right. But just as everything changes with time, hope my blogging skills develop too. :P 

Part I: The Meet Up
The meeting spot was Bellandur Lake but was asked to reach Army Service Corps (ASC) centre, North near Ejipura as the Bellandur lake side we were about to plant was under Army watch. Myself, Hiren and Rahul almost reached the spot by 6: 30 AM and were waiting for the bullet to be heard. On time with the schedule i.e., by around 7 AM, saw a person wearing a Google tee peeping at us with his bullet; soon realized it was Subrata wearing an Army’istic camouflaged helmet. And he flagged us a point for all of the BTCians to assemble. We were soon greeted by members of the Say Trees organization and were asked to move along with them until we reached a spot where we literally grew out from tens to hundreds in head count. There were volunteers from BTC, Say Trees Organization and various organizers like CTS, HP as well. All the BTCians introduced themselves and very soon we were given choices either to do a 2km walk or drop by Army bus to reach the plantation spot. It was pleasant to watch everyone opting to walk and in the meanwhile the army bus had come to pick us up but many still walked till the plantation spot. I must say there are lots and lots of places left unexplored within the Bangalore city as we pass through the greenery surrounding the Bellandur lake; the grasses were lush green; breathing oxygen in plentiful and with posters of “Say Trees” making us feel better for the cause we all have come together. Everyone soon reached the spot and we were given a brief session on how to plant, where to plant, what to plant, what kinds of plants to be planted where by Mr. Kapil from Say Trees organization ( able to notice the logo on his tee shirt :P ). There was a proposal made by them stating that there shall be a mini forest built with 16 tree species ( Indian almond, neem, etc. to name a few )  with almost 1000 plantations being our target, as a contour to the Bellandur lake which will home hundreds or may be thousands of birds, butterflies.  It was 10 AM and we started making our mark being.

Part II: Go Go Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Greeeeeen
We then were asked to GO GREEN and the already formed groups of three/four members were carrying ploughs, pickaxes, support sticks and started heading towards the pits (3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet) which were already dug by the army corps. We were asked to plant the saplings along with their support sticks. On our way towards the plant site, we observed the area being guarded by the soldiers and every second we spent our time there made us think to ourselves how lucky we are to have no worries about our safety and how much they (the Jawans) had to give for all the happiness that we share and witness within. Just as Sumant said “We are proud of all the Jawans guarding us and maybe we could do something to them in return very soon” marks the thoughts of every individual living his life unnoticed by the work of the Jawans and risks involved in guarding the country. The people in the group took turns to hold the plant, fill up the dugged pit. Very soon, pics followed each planting action in almost every group, with every person getting to know other much better and all smiling, laughing and giggling going all around, we were soon hitting our lunch time. It’s about 1 pm and we all were already starving. We soon finished our targeted plantations. As we headed to our assembly point, there were Army personnel families too, who just finished their plantation drive too. It was a great great sight to witness.

Part III: Eattttttttttt to Live
Soon as we finished our plantation drive, we headed to the assembly point where all the tents were placed with snacks and tea being served. We were soon greeted by a lady in Lavender representing Army’s activities and opinions and we were invited to have lunch in Army style. Everyone having plans of leaving to their houses had to re-schedule their plans cause it was an Army style lunch and not everyone gets chance to have that treat now and then. We soon got into Army buses again and reached a place where they had made all arrangements for us to have our lunch. They served us with lime juice and boiled rice, ghobi curry, kadai paneer with the chapatis. We were definitely hungry and very soon, within no time, we finished our lunch. 

In the meanwhile, few of us have overheard few Army officers speaking about some war and we were playing guesses when the war had occurred. Finally everyone thought abhiram’s explanation was good enough and settled thinking it was Kargil war in 1999’s discussion happening out there.

Again, we had a glance of the lady in lavender who seemed to be the care taker of the event. She gave her thank you note and made us feel very considerate and grateful for having done the plantation for which our organizers thanked them for their support and great time + lunch.

Part IV: Sayonara
It was around 3 pm and we headed towards the buses which had dropped us back to the place we had started our journey.   We all bid adieus to the new friends that we have made and promised to meet in the next Go Green event. Our organizers Piyush and Subrata, Kapil from “Say Trees”, were happy with our overall performance. It was a tremendous task to turn out in huge number and having planted the trees for the better future of us and the generations next to come along with the entire eco-system. 
Just as a final note of thanks to the BTCians for their overwhelming support allowing me to write blog, my fellow volunteers who made me “Man of the Event” [:P] and especially, frankly, to each and every volunteer, for inspiring me in person and giving us a chance to do our bit to the environment together, it was a response that we had glanced, the day July 5th, 2014, is definitely a day to remember; feel happy about what we had done and maybe there will be a day when we would go, see the long trees that will soon be a home for some beautiful bird species and may be then we could say to ourselves and feel proud about “I was among the one responsible for making up this mini forest”. 

Until then, let’s go green folks. And FYI (esp. to Vishal, Abhiram, Sumanth), I am a responsible HUMAN being, so are you and everyone else who have participated in some social cause. Jai Hind.

NOTE: Plants are not just for being planted and left in the wild. Plants need time to survive. Planting done in some over-crowded area where none cares about them, is a plant wasted. Give them time and room, and the plant will survive. 

Written By        : Aditya Pv
Organized By    : Piyush & Subrata
Date of event    : 05th July 2014
Members Count : 
Place                : Bangalore
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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