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Nijagal Betta – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

It all started 5 days before the day of trek when my good friend Vivek registered within minutes of getting the invite mail. Our plan to get shortlisted was to keep the mail box open at all times and check for the mail from BTC at every 10 minutes interval. It worked. :D
I was more than glad to see my name in the confirmed list the next day. Next thing- couldn't wait for the day to come.
On Sunday (the day of trek), got out of bed at 5AM on the first ring of alarm ( no snooze today :D ). Got ready super fast and reached the railway station by 7Am. Met Deepthy and Channa, who greeted us with a warm smile. Hopped into the train and settled in.
The train started around 8Am. Now, we got into some serious business. We were 22 of us. Divided among two teams and cramped into the three seaters, we started off with Dumb Charades. Didn't notice the time pass as each team went on and on giving ridiculously funny movie names and even more ridiculous was the guessing which made it all the more fun.
Arrived at Dobbspet Station around 9:30Am. Took two autos which carried us off to Manjunatha Idli Hotel. Some of us had to settle with a plate full of lemon rice since there was a shortage for Idlis. The others were fortunate enough to hog idlis :P . Here we got the chance to get to know the other BTCans. Next stop- Nijagal Betta. The two autos left us right in front of a board which read 'Way to Nijagal Betta'.
So, here we were: starting off a fine trek to the top of Nijagal Betta. It was 10Am and we couldn't have asked for a better weather.
At the very starting point of the climb, We were lucky to have a beautiful view of Shivagange with its peak amidst clouds.                                                                                                          
After admiring the beauty of Mother Nature, we stood in a circle, introduced ourselves to the group. There were many who had come with BTC for the first time. (Am sure they all had a wonderful time and will be looking forward to the next trek.)
We began the climb fighting our way through boulders while the creative photographers were busy clicking pictures. After a few minutes of trekking, we reached a spot where we could all get some rest. Sat here for a while- chatting, enjoying nature, clicking pics.
Once everybody got their breath back we resumed the climb.
After a few more minutes of climbing, we reached the entrance of a fort. Here, we also found a carving of lord Hanuman.
Moving ahead, there were two paths one leading to the top of the hill and the other to the ruins of a temple. Decided to take the latter first.
As we walked, we reached a water body which was completely green. Next to it was a Dargaha. Walking further up, we arrived at a place which gave a beautiful view of the surroundings and of course, the Shivagange Betta. Here, Channa was quick to point out a huge monolith in the shape of a human's face. Out came the cameras. Lots of clicks. Lots of pics.
After the face, there were these perfect spots meant for unlimited fun. Some of us sat on it. Some of us jumped from it :P

Now it was time to reach the top. Descended from here and continued on the path where we had deviated earlier. There were a few steps we had to climb. In the picture, it might look like a staircase in your house. But it becomes extremely slippery when wet. Realized that on the way down.
Now came the toughest part of the climb. It is near 45 degree. There is very little grip to climb this stretch. We took our time and climbed it, one behind the other. Looked a bit risky, but soon, after reaching the top, realized it was definitely worth the risk.

The view from the peak was breathtaking! Thanks to Ram for capturing the moment in all its glory. The picture speaks for itself.

Also, witnessing the train travelling among all the greenery was another amazing experience.

There were lots and lots of boulders. Loafed around the huge rocks, of course took a lot of pics. Found the perfect place to play Antakshari. Song after song, we went on and on. . . Once all the Bollywood songs were done, came the songs from TV ads. This went on for a while until it started to rain, which made the scenery all the more spectacular.
Found shelter under a giant rock. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect spot to hog our lunch. Out came the parcels we had taken from Manjunatha Idli Hotel. Eat it to our stomach full.
Since we had enough time left, we decided to ditch the autos and took a 3 Km hike to the station through the tracks. This gave a superb ending to a superb trek. Reached the station and off we were to Bangalore with beautiful memories to cherish.

Written By        : Sathyasagar N​
Organized By    : Channabasappa Nad & Deepthy Jagadeesh
Date of event    : 13th July 2014
Members Count : 22 (18M, 4F)
Place                : Dabaspete
Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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