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Chug Chug...Chug Chug...to Makalidurga

32 BTCians, mighty Makalidurga, the only thing standing in way --  "chug chug.. chug chug...chug chug ...choo... chug chug". 

It was yet another sunday and if not for BTC would still have been asunday but an ordinary one. As luck had it, my name was in the shortlist so off went the blanket, a quick hot shower and then a dash towards Cantonment station. Most boarded the train at Cantonment while some at Byapanahall and from then on it was non-stop BTC show of Antakshari, dumb charades and general blabber; nothing could stop it, not the snail speed at which train was moving nor a visit by a police personnel!! 
We got down at the Makalidurga station, had a brief round of introduction, BTC rules and regulations and then began our march towards the hill. It was a balancing act as we had to walk on the rail tracks for some distance but then if one can manage crossing roads, it's quite a cake walk to avoid an on-coming train. On the way, Srikanth tested the strength of his mighty coin against tiny train wheels while many attempted a cat walk on the rails.
Finally began the climb on the hills.. It was rocks and bushes, ups and downs, stops and march, experienced ones helping freshers, Virander/Deepthy coordinating/helping, in all a great effort by everyone to reach the top. Special mention of the two younger ones Mahi and Megha who showed little tiredness and strong determination to make it along with all adults. There was practically no shade all along and with sun blazing in full gun it was quite taxing for most climbers.

On top of the hill it was fun filled potluck lunch of parathas, khakras, juices, milk, nuts, upma, eggs, fruits, pongal, mixture... mmm, can't wait to experience it again. Some well deserved rest, photo shoot and soon it was time to descend.  Vikram took the lead to take one group ahead of others, his primary assignment was to do some jugad and make sure we don't miss the train and boy he did such a fantastic job! No sight of train till the second group arrives and then within minutes, choo...chug chug...chug chug.
No event is without feedback and this wasn't any exception. Virander and Deepthy made sure to talk to all of us to gather inputs, suggestions while the train chugged along towards Bangalore.
In all, yet another great day with BTC, only sore point being ~4 hrs to cover return distance of just 60km and that too by train!!!

Let the show go on.

Written By      : Ajay Chitale
Organized By  : Deepthy & Virander
Teamcount    : 32
Date of event : 25th Jan 15
Place             : Makalidurga
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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