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One Giri Among The Five - Brahmagiri

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb."    
-- Greg Child 

On 17th Jan 2015 we  the BTC team of 14 were present at KSRTC  bus stand around 6.50 am. We boarded a bus to Devanahalli around 7.10 am & reached by 8.30.

We had breakfast, parceled our lunch & fetched  one more bus to karahalli cross, which is the origin of the trek point. We drank awesome tender coconut (I literally gulped it) & had a formal introduction.
We started walking  towards  the base of our trek. Organizers sangamesh  & Gaurav were  leading the team  being one in the front & one at the end making sure all of us are safe.

The grass & bushes were dried & lot of thorns kept pricking us during the journey made us sad but the wild flowers which were very beautiful made me happy at the next moment . The lichens on the tree & on rock remembered me the  Botany subjects.
J It was my first trek in BTC with new people who turned to be new friends .I realized slowly we had many artists in our group, to introduce with Gaurav (organizer ) who is a good singer , Sandeep a professional photographer , Sonali, a model &  Sumit  a comedian, who kept energizing us by saying  “keep coming guys “(we pulled his leg saying “keep moving guys”).

Even though the sunlight was at its highest at 11 to 2 pm, cool breeze with a mild scent of eucalyptus kept us refreshing the entire day  (off course the oranges, glucose, fruit bars  water etc).
Barely we found the trail of the trekkers on our path ( as we were the 2nd batch of BTC to this betta) . Whenever we were exhausted we  took short  5 to 10 min break in between.  During the trek  we just missed our way once fortunately , which lead us to the highway wherein we found a guy who was selling sugarcane juice. We sat for a while had Sugar cane juice which gave us immediate energy boost. We all charged up & started to trek again & got into the correct route.
At certain points where we climbed steep places the trek became slightly difficult & few of us were panting for the breath. Thanks to Gaurav , sonali, sangamesh who kept telling us to take rest in between if we require. & No one pushed us.

We saw 4/5 hills during our trek. There are 4 important hillocks named 1.Divya giri, 2.skandagiri, 3.nandi giri, 4.brahma giri 5. ------

Almost we climbed for 4  hours aprox hours to reach to shaneshwara temple.  We saw the priest & villager offering  pooja  to lord. From there  just 200 meters away was the final destination which is  the peak or top of the horagina betta .we reached there around 1.45 pm. The view from the top was marvelous .We had yummy Chitranna (lemon rice) & vada , guava  juice, oranges etc, chitchatted for a while, relaxed there for some time . At last we  took  selfies group photos & started descending at 2.30 pm.
We reached back to karahalli cross by 4.30. had tea in the nearby hotel. We had formal feedback session. It was obvious from everyone’s feedback that we had a great moment.  Got  direct bus to majestic.

Written By     : Shwetha Kadur
Organized By : Sangamesh & Gaurav
Date of event : 17th Jan 2015
Place             : Nandi
Pictures         : BTC FB Page

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