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Free Medical Camp Vol 3.

Back in our childhood days, we often used to play Doctor-Doctor with friends. For some, that became their life as they are successful doctors today, and for others like me, who still have that child in them who wants to play the game once again, there is BTC Medical camp. 
Hence, on 11th January, 2015, at the Lord Aiyappa swamy temple in the brightly coloured still grimly lit township off Magadi road, it was time for 15 of us to play this childhood game, though with a sense of responsibility and social welfare.
The lead role of the doctors was taken by the real time doctors: Deepthy, Rohith, Sneha, Praveen, Vijay and Rajesh. And the volunteers followed up to take up the roles of the pharmacist, the receptionist, the compounder, and whatever work they could get their hands on. 
Setting up camp this time around was extra tricky, owing to the not-so-spacious interiors of the temple. Though we realised later that it was these cramped interiors which actually helped us properly manage the over 400 patients at the camp. Making good use of the passage used for the parikrma of the temple premises, the beneficiaries of the camp were moved from registration, to weight check, the doctors, the pharmacy desk and finally checked-out following an automated queue. This automated system in turn minimised the crowd management works of the volunteers, giving us ample scope to help the elderly when required.

The doctors did a great job of going through the 421 check-ups in around 6 hours, the volunteers helped in ground management works and the elders & members of the local society helped us in all ways possible: from food to furniture, from publicity to public; they pitched in all help they could give. One of them, an ex-employee of a pharma major even got some extra medicines for the camp.
The Volunteers turned doctors towards the end, resulting in prescriptions like “1 Dairy-milk Silk after every meal...!” This followed by a group pic, lots of thanks, a feedback session and a Birthday celebration (BTC’s and Sonali’s), we head out back to our places having given free medical assistance to over 1000 people in 3 medical camps.
As we moved out after the end of the event, the only fact we could ponder upon was that in the past 6 hours, we had helped put a smile on around half-a-thousand lips, a glitter in around a thousand eyes.. Sounds great right..?? Feels even better..

Written By     : Ankit Maheswari
Organized By : Deepthy
Date of event : 11th Jan, 2015
Place              : Bangalore
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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