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Women’s day Special Biking to Nandi Hills

I wanted to go for a BTC event since longtime.  And finally, I could make it for the WOW Biking Trip to Nandi Hills.  I had been to Nandi Hills prior, but what made me excited was an all-girls biking trip, that too on Womens day. Yes!  This is the time to prove our Naari Shakti :)
So we decided “Why should boys have all the fun? “   
And I was even more excited because of my new Activa!
The organizers Ritu & Monisha have communicated the plan to all the participants that we would meet at Hebbal at 5.15 AM.   Ritu, Sunantha and myself have started from Koramangla at 4.45 AM. We could reach on time to Hebbal. Others were already waiting near Hebbal. After a quick brief on rules by the organizers, we 10 girls started on 5 scooters and one Thar jeep.   The jeep was leading the scooters, all in straight line… (Well-disciplined we were ;) ) . There starts the awesomeness in the drive.  The cold breeze and the highway gave us a wonderful feeling.  I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of long drive. We took a short tea break before we could reach the Nandi Hills. Quick Intros + Chai was good.  The group was really warm and friendly.  “The convoy” started after a short break.  Yes… We were heading like a convoy :)  it was a wonderful sight to see.  Everybody on road were looking at us awestruck. 
We reached Nandi Hills at around 7.00 AM. We stopped on the way to click some nice photos with the misty background of clouds. Driving through the steep curves was thrilling and scary. But we managed safely.  As we reached the hill top, it was bright. Being a Sunday, it was very crowded. But we managed to spend some time enjoying the nature. Of course, clicking photos - selfies and groupfies.  We visited the Yoga Nandishwara temple on the hill top.  We spent some time sightseeing, and started our return journey.  Driving downhill is very tricky. We were very slow and cautious.  We stopped by a hotel just after Nandi hills to have breakfast.  It was already very sunny by that time.  We had breakfast and then a feedback session. We were happy that we could drive around 60 KM on our scooters. The trip was well organized and the group was friendly.  Everyone was happy and looking forward for more biking trips from WOW.  We discussed about other biking destinations which we can plan in future. Thanks to the organizers Ritu & Monisha for a super trip.  After the feedback session, We clicked some amazing group photos with our bikes, and Padma`s Jeep.  Thanks to Papiya for clicking nice pictures.   We headed back from that place at around 11 AM.

In the return journey, we stopped by trees with Yellow Flowers and Marigold farms. Just to click some photos.  All of us were driving together till we reached Hebbal. Then we dispersed according to our routes.  It was an amazing ride. Just WOW!   I reached home around 1 PM.  It was a unique way of celebration of Women`s day. Celebrating our freedom, showing our will power and stamina.  Kudos to the Organizers and the team.
Monisha, Ritu, Padma, Swati, Smitha, Swetha, Sunantha, Jitha, Papiya – Thank you girls for the wonderful drive. 

Written By     : Yashaswi
Organized By : Ritu and Monisha
Date of event : 8th Mar, 2015
Place              : Nandi Hills
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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