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Joy of Giving on BTC's 4th Free Medical Camp

It was a very auspicious day for everyone who have made it out to the Bangalore Trekking Club’s Medical Camp event (at least, kudos must be given to all of us [:P]; for we woke up on a Sunday at) at St. Anthony’s Chapel, near Ananda Puram.
Well, I have to get the address right at least next time. I could never imagine such remote location within the Bengaluru city. Such is the need for the Medical camp to be conducted there. And BTC conducted the camp for the second time here.  To get the words straight, I myself proudly associate with the BTC family, as said by one of the member; and with the level of medicines that went into the people’s houses, it just shows how BTC considers helping the society with all the funds it is raising over the events.
We were 21 volunteers with 4 doctors. We all reached the spot by and we were waiting for the congregation at St. Thomas Church to assemble at our Medical camp at St. Anthony’s Chapel. 
We were made clear about the medicines’ abbreviations that the docs prescribe and we thought we will definitely have good amount of time talking to the people undergoing checkup. It all started with a lady visiting the place. She was all smiles by the time she finished her checkup and receiving her set of medicines prescribed by the doctors.  And within a while, it turned out to what it seems to be like a rush hour. We, at first thought the medicines were sufficient but within an hour or hour, our stocks reduced to half.
Soon, we were greeted by the Chapel’s head and secretary of water division in the area and they brought us Masala dosas to quell our hunger. We took turns in having them and we didn’t even knew when we finished as we were again caught up in our work. Our beloved photographer was in all action all over the mission and kudos to his black and white photography which he claimed to be an “experiment” showcasing his skills. But they were really awesome. 
The moments that he captured will surely revive as and when we look at them. Everyone tried their best to be the part of the mission and am happy that we all came together and gave everything we had. It was just the matter of time as we realized by 2 30 PM that our docs have treated 200 odd people in the area. The resilience that we have witnessed from our doctors, the efforts put by them to treat the incoming mass will always inspire us to do what all we can for creating the better world around us.
We were thanked for our efforts put there by the head of the Chapel but I feel that it was mutual; we were provided a platform to help others in need, else, it we would never have done what we have achieved that day. We soon started packing up the medicines for them to be used for the next medical camp. We always knew that there is never a stop for such aid to come to the rescue of many people who cannot afford modern medical facilities even after the subsidies provided by the government. We then dispersed bidding adieu to all the doctors and friends on a note that there is lot to be done and we will all strive to do our bit to be a part of this ever growing BTC family and its deeds in making the world around us, a bit more successful. Wishing all the BTC missions to be successful in all its upcoming events; stay fit and stay healthy. Cheers !! :-)

Enthusiasm creates an inspirational environment for uplifting moral and spirit to a new high. On success of the previous  events, we BTC’ians were very enthusiastic to organize  the fourth edition of  free medical camp.
The enthusiasm was seen at everyone's face, where we all reached sharply at 9am and the initial arrangements were made in quick session. The task were distributed equally, and each had their own responsibility to be a part of this camp. Registration, Checking Blood Pressure, Checking BMI, consulting patients, providing free medicines, managing the crowd,  photography etc. The local authorities Francis and crew helped us well by making initial arrangements, providing breakfast, managing the crowd and supported us till the end of the event. Special Kudos to them.
Very few patients were taking medications regularly for the illness like diabetes, BP,anemia which they found earlier whereas many patients were first diagnosed as  a diabetic patient in our camp. Some patients know their illness in prior but dint able to take medications due to poverty hence asked us to provide respective medicines which made us excited. 
Some patients especially children were well educated and spoke english fluently and enquired details  regarding medications which we provide , It made us proud that people started giving  more importance to education.
We felt privileged to serve 200 + patients in our fourth medical camp. The patients were extremely delightful and thankful for the free medical camp and they requested  us to conduct for every 3 months if possible which made us to realize the importance and value of this medical camp. 
Kudos to the entire team for organizing this event a great success  for the fourth successive time and I am extremely proud to be a part of it. Finally we had a intro cum feedback session and left the place with extreme fulfillment and happiness. 
Hope everyone felt the fragrance of joy of giving , as the sole meaning of life is to serve humanity !!!  Once again BTC rockz as always !!!

Written By     : Aditya PV & Mahesh Kumar
Organized By : Deepthy Jagadish
Date of event : 12th April 2015
Place              : Bangalore
Photos            : BTC FB Page

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