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Nautanki at Nijagal!

Here am going to narrate you all about how my first trek with BTC was simply a ‘WOW’! With all the second thoughts of breaking the early- lazy Sunday morning sleep, I managed to head towards Bangalore Majestic railway station from my home to meet some pretty and enthusiastic ladies of BTC. My adventure started way ahead from boarding the cab with pepper spray as I did not get a company from my place to reach the station. Sun rays laid a golden carpet through the outer ring road and that clubbed with cool morning breeze made me hum some chill melodies. Energy bumped up and finally reached station with a deep breath :)

My over-cautious first trek prep made me end up reaching the station 40 min prior the meeting time. Shree, our organizer must have wondered on answering my call as who is this girl coming out of blue! Managed to join few more girls who reached bit early (lucky me!) and was waiting with an excitement of the first trek. Just like the last hour semester studies, our WOW girls made to station till last min. New faces, kannada and Hindi slangs, colourful bag packs, trek shoes, pony hairs and lip gloss! Haaa, I was at the right place amidst of the bold Bangalore women! Sun was eager to see who else are down there hotter!;) We played the hide and seek with him and settled up by blocking a full boogi of the train. The window seat with soothing breeze made me feel that the day really getting me the happiness of spending time for my own. My world, me time, my rules :)
Even before a round of intro, Jyothi and Sonali grabbed our attention with their non-stop FM talks. We took a stick not to hit but to click. Yes, I do say about the selfies. The camera made us to give a decent soft smile which turned into other way after few hours. The energy slowly started spreading through our nerves as the train started moving. From the intro round I came to know that there are few more innocent first time trekking chicks out there. “Yayy, I am not the single one gonna be ragged” :)

Why do boys have all the fun? Of course the girls too can have. But how can girls’ fun be complete without talking about guys! Post the intro, we all jumped into the most interesting topic of playing drums on the men of our lives. Crushes, boyfriends, verrrrrrrryyyy handsome guys and husbands.. and even few of the BTC guys- Poor men! :) Some real romantic love stories, crush turning into a brother, boyfriend fights, distance relationships.. what not! How much we girls face with these boys around! Anyways, we were on time in bitching about them and our round of talk exactly got over when we reached the station- Dobbspet.
With all people eyes’ rolling on us, we took a bold march towards the…. Station board to take pics, nothing much.We made the complete use of all cameras around us to click different poses. Like the nursery school ‘miss’, Shree was driving us to the auto stand. Well, we really made her tired :) Our ‘WOW’ Kannadigas helped us to catch a share auto and few of us had the fun of sitting at the backside of the auto with all childish plays. Isha’s excitement to take pics from that view, made us loose a camera battery which slipped out of her hand from the auto. Though all jokes and fun going around, I felt the inner soul getting into a sort of silence. The peace of exploring new places and spending your own time in a worthy way. One must definitely experience such outstanding feel!

Alarm clock was ticking in our tummies as breakfast time was nearing. On reaching the KAMAT hotel we all hunted the idli vadas and upmas. The batteries being changed, we started our proud march towards hill top. Steeps, slippery stones, thrones and bushes- welcomed us. With Shree taking the lead walk and Sonali being the guard of the girls at the end, the expedition kicked off. The  excitement of ladies day out made our girls flip to cranky mode with all animals sounds and crazy talks :) Short breaks, frequent pics (including spider man poses on hot rocks!), sipping water and searching shadows formed the agenda of our path towards the top. Kudos to our calm photographer Karthikeyani for sponsoring us the Nikon cam and also to click all those funniest, weirdest poses!
On reaching half the way to top, we found a fantastic view of the city down with cars and buses like ants and insects buzzing here and there. Though wind was messing up with our loosened hairstyles, we were least bothered enjoying the visual treat of pond view with widened eyes. Once after refreshing, we headed towards the top. This last part was short mountain climbing without steps, in other words a spider-women style.:) With the tips and tricks, we managed to climb up and made a happy cheer on reaching the top with the sense of achievement! Heyyy, we made it! :)
Next comes the best part of the trek, the fun time!As soon as reaching the top, we found a shadow place under the rocks to settle up and rest for some time. With monkeys roaming around the place, we were cautious in saving our snacks from the attack. Unloaded somesnacks and fruits to munch on and the moment of jumping and grabbing them in hunger reminded me of my college hostel days. Nostalgic! But my dull mind took a slow ‘U’ turn with all the girly dirty talks going around.That was the so called MASTI. All of us broke out the shell of shyness turned crazy. The highlight of the trek was the bumsharads, sorry dumbsharads. No one would have ever seen so many varieties of ‘actions’ and ‘movements’. This was the first ever play where actors even managed to convey the small and capital letters! With Shipa’s acting, ‘I’ was simply amazing sorry amazed. For the outsiders, if the above few lines didn’t make any sense, then my goal is achieved :)

With all the smiles and blasts we forgot the fact of time not waiting for women too. Winded up our plays and got onto a final round of selfies and pics which the girls were desperately waiting for. Though we had the add ons like, sunglasses, caps etc. to show off in the pics, the best part that came out in those pics was the liveliness and happy faces of ours. The trip gifted us with the priceless treasure of memories and moments. A short and sweet break from the mechanical lives. The moment of standing on the hill top to view the world down there, made me feel that there are so much in life to explore and learn other than just the Facebook and WhatsApp!! With light and flying hearts, we started awalk down the hill to catch the return train on right time.
As climbing down took lesser time than up, we got into a shelter break with discussion of the upcoming BTC treks. Being a new bee, I was shocked to hear the interesting tripsgoing on in the world of BTC and how much I have missed so far, including some treks with handsome guys out there! We started back and reached hotel with a bakasur hunger. We felt that we can even make an ad for before effects of any face wash. Tan tan! After refreshing, we all bumped into the meals plate with full hunger. Somehow managed to reach the station on time with the help of the autowala and started our feedback session.
The one word that covered up all our feedbacks was, ‘WOW’. Perfectly named group! The cool mind-set of the organizer and the team spirit made the trip memorable. Caught the train though it was little bit crowded and settled up on the upper berths for our trip back home. Return travel was also filled up with gossips and stories with few others dozing off (well, that was me!). With heavy hearts but sure hopes of meeting back, we all departed with pain more on the mouth jaws than the legs. Salute to the organizer for patiently handling all the grown up crazy girls and at the same time setting up the right expectation. Can’t wait for the next trek with BTC! If you are reading this blog to take a call on registering for any upcoming BTC or WOW treks, you are already late :)

Cheers all!

Written By     : Vandhana Venugopalan
Organized By : Sreemoyee Malakar
Date of event : 19th April, 2015
Place              : Nijagal Betta, Dobbspet
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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