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KOTAGIRI – 750 Kms of Awesome Bike Ride

It has been 2 days that we are back from the bike ride and I can still picture the twists and turns of Kotagiri and Ooty in front of my eyes. The Continuous sound of Thump-Thump of our bikes , The fresh Air in our chests and the picturesque landscapes of a very beautiful place have been imprinted in the memory forever.
 Day 1:-
We started our Bike trip on Saturday early morning. We were 7 Bikes, 8 biking enthusiasts. All of us were dot on time at the meeting place in Nice Road Electronic City Flyover at sharp 4:45 am. Chaitanya was already waiting when we reached the spot. After everyone arrived, all of us had a small introduction and started the ride.

We drove till Kanakapura and had a small breakfast. The plan was to cover as much distance as possible in the morning so that we can reach the Kotagiri as soon as possible. After a good breakfast we started towards Talakadu. Soon we arrived to the Bandipur. Took a few snaps and then proceeded to cross the jungle. By this time everyone was little hungry so we stopped at the first possible hotel after entering Tamil Nadu and had a second breakfast at around 12 pm.
After the second breakfast we started towards Kotagiri. This road included about 27 Hair Pin turns. It was quite an experience to climb steep hair pin turns, maintain the speed of the group and at the same time, overtake slower vehicles when needed. All of us enjoyed the climb to the top. It was almost 2 by the time we reached Kotagiri Base and we decided to cover a waterfall spot before checking in the home stay. The waterfall was good distance below the viewing spot. We decided to click few pictures and had few light hearted jokes about the drive and the experience. By this time it was almost 2:30 pm and all of were tired and hungry. So we decided to hit some place for lunch and then go to the homestay.

While Reaching the Hotel, My bike went in reserve and had few difficulties to start the bike. After some experiments we understood that the tank of avenger is designed in a way that the petrol will go to opposite side if the bike is on a climb. Somehow reached a petrol pump and did a full tank. Had simple lunch after this Drama and proceeded to the homestay. Chaitanya had already booked the homestay in advance. It was just beautiful. Simple and elegant. One thing we noticed was that no rooms had fans – such was the confidence on the weather of kotagiri. And indeed it was true. The floor and the weather in general was chilling. After settling in the homestay, we went for a nice long walk – no direction or destination in general but just kept walking where the road took us.
It felt good to walk after driving almost 8 hours. All of us had a good chat about previous treks and bike rides. I felt I was among true bikers. I had just got my avenger 25 days back. I was like a child among these Men of Biking. We reached back to the homestay and had a simple but very tasty dinner. I was time to sleep early as most of us were tired and we had to start the next day as well at 5 am.

Day 2:-
All of us were up and ready at the agreed time. The homestay owners had prepared tea and Coffee for us. It was great to have it so early in the morning – 5 am in such weather. We took the celebratory pics before starting our second day and started for Ooty. Today’s plan was to explore few places in Ooty and then start the journey back to Bangalore. The First destination for the day was Avalanche. We had yummy breakfast on the way in a small roadside shop. We came to know that there is a DAM which is worth visiting. So we first covered that point. After reaching the point, the view was so serene and beautiful that it took us 2 mins to breath in the full view. After this we started taking photos in different formations with bikes to have memories of the place.
After this we decided that we should head for Ooty as going to Avalanche and coming back would eat up another 2 hours. We were tight on schedule. So we ditched Avalanche and headed for Ooty. Had a small stop for buying the famous Ooty Tea and Chocolates when we reached the town. Everyone filled up the tanks at a petrol pump and it was decided to start the journey back home.
This led us to one of the great roads I was waiting for in the entire trip. The exit road out of Ooty towards Bangalore – 36 Hairpin bends and steep climb down the hill. It was quite a feeling to stay in control of the bike even when gravity pressures you to go fast.
At the end of the climb, the group decided to head to Bangalore instead of having lunch. The goal was to cover as much distance as possible before the Climate heats up.
With new vigor, we started on the way to Bangalore. The road was full was of forest area and calmness except for the sound of our bikes.it is hard to explain in words the scenery and the landscape through which we were riding.
Once we crossed the border, we had lunch and then proceeded to Bangalore. It was getting dark and all of us were now eager to reach home and take rest. By the time we reached Kanakpura, it was already dark.

Chaitanya took the feedback and obviously, everyone had had a very good time. The ride was completed smoothly without any major issues and problems.

All of us wanted to keep going on such trips in future. With a heavy heart, all said their goodbyes. Each one of us had covered 750 kms in 2 days, made wonderful memories, created 7 new friends with a common passion for biking and had enjoyed to the maximum.

The Cost of trip: Just 1025 per head (excluding petrol)

Bikers Team:

Written By        : Sagar Mehta
Organized By    : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of event   : 2nd & 3rd May, 2015
Members Count: 8
Place               : Kotagiri
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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