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Tree Plantation at ASC Center Ejipura

You never realize the importance of greenery until you stay in places where there is no greenery. Luckily, Bangalore is one such place where you don’t realize what’s happening with our environment most of the times because of all the commitment we all put forward and strive to get the best the nature has to offer even amongst the pollution. Its WE who make things the best or worst and am happy to be part of such a beautiful bunch of people who keep inspiring me always and forever; it doesn’t matter how many turn up, but atleast, we are those set of people, who are always striving to do our bit(anyways, I personally, would have been sleeping if not for the plantation drive :D).
Firstly, as this was my first event as an organizer, I felt great and at the same time nervous of handling a 50 people army. I was mostly caught up with the event activities than most of the interaction until the plantation drive has begun. It was Ramya, Subrata and Srikanth, who were able to handle my burden.

We were asked to reach the spot (ASC centre, Ejipura ) by 8 AM and most turned out on time. We kept waiting for that moment where we get into Army trucks and be taken for the sapling plantation. It was 0830, 0845 and slowly we began to think if the event is ever going to start. At 9 AM sharp, we could see the trucks entering the area and very soon, the guys without Helmets were asked to get into the trucks. By that time, Subrata along with his biking army were asked to leave towards the plantation place. They were asked to halt their bikes in their midway and they had to walk a bit to reach the place. I, along with few others, were also asked to get into the trucks. There we go; the typical army trucks, where there were seats placed along the length of the truck; with very few sitting and everyone else standing; I wonder if we ever looked as if the guys who were trying to plant trees ( I felt we were prisoners :P ).
We very soon reached the spot, 5 kms away from the entrance. We were then waiting for a military personnel head who was about to be on time; but as his watch worked slower that day(kidding, he was late by an hour), we have started our activity at 1045 hrs.We killed the time in between taking pics with the SayTrees banner and gossiping about the stuff composed of Defense, trees, heat, pollution( Yooo, we are so much into the game).
As explained, people started picking up plants, support sticks, ploughs and threads to tie the plant to the support stick and head towards an empty dug pit. We very soon got so much into it that we didn’t even realize it ended almost the very next moment. On our way to plant few more trees, I along with my team made with Ravi ( the earthworm picker ) and Dinesh ( the lonely photoshooter ), we started concentrating more on the pits whose work was incompletely done. So, after planting 3 full plants, we then moved making the other planted one’s see that they are planted correctly, finally making our count to 8.
It was just one and a half hour and all the 1600 plantations were done ( Event rocks but still I got shocked :P ). It was very soon that the event had finished and I could see lot of us, smiling and kidding each other with their hands and trousers equally mudded, it was such a cool moment to witness as we know that by the end of the event, we got a bit more closer. I am sure there were lots of new friends created, bonds made bit stronger; afterall, that’s what we gain attending a public event.
We didn’t had time to have a last meetup after the event as we had to get into the army buses that would drop us where we had started. Hence, there goes the event which ended by 12 30 PM. I along with few other guys, got onto our bikes and headed back to the very home I was supposed to stay but with a feeling that gave me more and more kick which I would not have experienced if I were not a part of the event. As I passed the traffic, I stopped at the signals, gave way for people walking on the road, in fact, observed everything and everyone around me with more caution than ever. My mind’s caught on minutest of the things in and around me that entire day. It just marks the sense of belonging within the real world that we stay and the care that I shall put to make my bit of help in building our world.

I thank everyone to bear with me all along the event, adding up to my memories. Hoping that we get together the same way as always and lets ROAR together as “BangaloreTrekkingClub” as and when the TIME comes. Until then, stay Healthy and stay Fit. Keep rocking ! J Adios guys!

Written By        :  Aditya PV
Organized By    : Ramya & Aditya
Date of event   : 6th June, 2015
Members Count: 40
Place               : ASC Center, Ejipura
Pictures       : BTC FB Page 

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