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Tree Plantation Drive @ Freedom Park, Near Agara Lake

I came to a realization this season about life as a tree planter. Believe me, it’s  interesting.

What I am writing here may sound like a granny’s words of wisdom and nothing new … we all  know & realize it but at some point of time or the other , for self-gain, have been consuming natural resources be it minerals, oil, water, lands or be it trees that they have gone to the limit where we are now wondering about the quantity & quality of resources that we will be inheriting to our future generations.

We all know that Trees are a gift of nature which naturally recycles the air we exhale, absorbing Carbon dioxide and releasing fresh Oxygen.  Without oxygen, the mankind and the animal world will cease to exist.  Bottom line is that we need trees for healthier lives and to remain alive. So, they need to be guarded and treated with importance at  National level.
This was my 2nd round of participation and it was great feeling to see few known faces from my earlier meet up and also to make new friends this time.  Anusha & Jigisha to specially mention with whom I loved planting quite a few trees.  Our efficiency increased extra ordinarily every time kamalesh joined hands.  It was fun to get allotted into small groups and plant all the trees.  Roshini you are not forgotton at all.

It was a perfect breezy morning and I am sure most of us woke up with best of our enthusiasm to rush to the spot on time.  It was very encouraging to see other folks who were around the park interested in our activity.  The boys who were playing cricket were found idle for some time & interested on this side of the fence.  Also, felt so proud when saw a traffic cop talking to some of friends & he looked really happy and smiling from ear to ear looking at our initiative.

Nowadays even our Honorable Prime Minister Mr.Modi is emphasizing on cleanliness and environmental awareness. Cleaning the surroundings, planting a sapling, GO Green is the current slogan these days.  Being organic is the flavor of the season and being aware in most IN thing.  BUT, many insensitive & inconsiderate folks cut down trees randomly. A huge awareness is fundamental.

I feel, only planting the trees is not enough. Because, planted trees may be destroyed by animals or otherwise, or may die for regular water supply. So we should be particular about the after-care of the planted trees as well. Both planting a tree and taking care of them are equally pleasurable.

am also trying my bit with some extra efforts to put a word to all my near & dear ones & people around me…let it be my relatives, friends, neighbours, students about the goodness of a tree plantation and encourage them to plant and care new trees in their school-home, balconies, front-backyard and even sideyards … wherever possible.  I am also trying out vertical harvesting at home. 

Kamlesh, you thanking us for our efforts & time on Saturday morning but for us our efforts began only with the day dawn but for you along with other volunteers would have started many days prior to prepare & bring all of us together.  The team truly deserves 3 big cheers J.  There is nothing like working in an open field even with rocks and no matter how high is the temperature… our spirits are much higher any degree Celsius.

Written By        :  Sangeeta Nair
Organized By    :  Kamalesh & Rajalakshmi
Date of event    :  20st June, 2015
Members Count :  21
Place                : Freedom Park, Opp Agara Lake, Near HSR Layout.
Pictures            : BTC Tree Plantation Album 

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