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BTC - Go Green - Tree Plantation @ ASC Center, Koramangala - 11th July 2015

The joy of seeing your seedling  grow is like no other, especially when you can witness the benefits and can feel connected to nature.  In the rarest occasions you get call to make a forest together in the midst of concrete jungle. It was my second event with BTC and very curious to attend events like plantation from long time. With no delay I registered and informed my roomie to register(she actlly dropped plan of going home as well) and registered another roomie as my Guest.
All of us were excited and full of positive vibes.  So we started off early in the morning wanted to make it on time and reached sharply at 8:00Am to the venue. We didn’t google anything about the place. To our surprise, We are into army centre( ASC North campus) never thought it would be that easy. Kudos to all those who got permissions and the arrangements done. Me and my roomie were discussing how crazily we wanted to have army person as our partner. We were watching their marching, The one thing that makes them stand out from general crowd is discipline, they earn it.

We were sitting under the  shade, discussing about beautiful trees and their patterns. As everyone had arrived we started our journey into the jungle of ASC.  As they were driving us through the campus, we came across these army drills, camp tents, Horse shed, and many other awe inspiring places. As soon we got down from the bus near the venue we happened to watch army men doing those somersaults and Frogjumps, It really enchanted us..crazy is not enough to describe what we were feeling. We finally reached our destination where all the equipment is kept ready for us, It looked like a piece of cake. They really made so many arrangements for us. Then we spoke with few other people out of BTC who are taking part for saytrees movement.

There were refreshments arranged for us, Tea, Pakoda and water! We couldn’t sit at one place we roamed around and spoke with couple of people,  shooting lot of qns to the second timers. It was such a perfect organizing, no glitches. Then the other batch arrived with ‘Grow green’ taglines on their Ts. There were small kids wearing the T full length, so adorable.
The organizer started with introduction guiding us with the steps to plant the trees. My excitement grew stronger as soon as I heard we are gonna make a fruit orchid. We were going to plant my favourite Jackfruit, Mango, Chiku, Guava trees whoa!  As the pits were already dug for us, the steps we need to follow were Remove the plastic and collect it at one place. Hold the wet soil firmly along with plant and secure it with a stick and knot. Remove all unwanted weed, grass and cover it with good soil. We had to team up and now the BTC introduction happened. Few were disappointed as the event started little late. Nevertheless we indulged in some conversations and warming up done for the event.

Soon we teamed up and entered the field with our tools and plants. It is my first ever plantation moment. Like many people I thought about Planting and growing green multiple times but then time and motivation didn’t sync very well. So I was really embracing that moment and taking out the plastic and holding the plant with full of glee and started our process. The army men were also with us on the field assisting in watering the plants. We moved across the field finding empty slots and planted one after the other. Meanwhile we were having some icebreaking with new people around.

They helped handing over the stuff and a small interview happened with one word answers to describe the moment. All I could think was these trees are going to reduce the carbon,  one of the best way we could implement to  regulate the carbon in atmosphere. So in the end we started taking so many pics, selfies with plant, team, groupies, with army men. The best part was we met some army men from our place Andhra, and they were excited too to talk to us. Out of curiosity we asked so many qns like what are their daily routine, their experience in army training and learnt a lot about the hardship they undergo to protect our country.
As soon as the plantation completed  by everyone we were out of field, we gathered at a place discussing our experience. Sooner we had  witnessed the best thing of the day the army people started watering the field with huge water tank, whole crowd was cheering crazily full of joy. Must say the view was spectacular!  Now the BTC group rounded up and everyone shared their experiences!
Soon we dispersed and travelled back to the entrance. It was the day everyone had a sense of accomplishment and true happiness. I must thank to the saytrees and BTC for well organizing. Top of all to those army men who are going to protect those trees by watering them daily, we could count on them blindly. You wanna see change in your lives? Plant and grow something every year. Small things in life are gonna make the count bigger. If we know in all our lives that plants are gonna make huge difference to our planet why are we not doing enough to protect them?? Too bad they only give oxygen we breathe. if they were giving free wifi  we would have planted like crazily!! :P With the same motivation me and my roomie returned and planted an Amla tree right infront of our PG. Cant wait for it to grow and bear fruits. If we can make this one tree survive many more to come in our lives. Get started with a new hobby all it takes is move from the crazy couch pick your fav Plant and give it a life to pay tribute to mother nature. Adios!!

Written By        :  Mounika
Organized By    :  Kamalesh & Sonali
Date of event    :  11th July , 2015
Members Count :  21
Place                : ASC Center, Near Ejipura Signal, Koramangla,Blore.
Pictures            : BTC Tree Plantation Album

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