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One day Horagina betta trek (Sunday the 5th of July 2015)

We went to Horagina betta for one day trek on Sunday the 5th of July 2015. It was a partially sunny day with no signs of clouds. It was my 2nd trek to Horagina betta. Previous trek blog can be read at - http://mytravelogue-blogs.blogspot.in/2014/10/one-day-trek-to-horagina-betta.html.

We had a sizeable amount of team with close to 20 people enrolled for this day trek. This time we had 2 surprises of 2 little boys joining us for this trek along with their parents. These 2 little folks were the most active and they were leading us in entire trek.

We started by bus from Majestic at around 7 AM, from Terminal 3 towards Chikkaballapur. We got down at Devenahalli village and took another bus from there towards Karahalli Cross (Nandi Hills). We took our breakfast at a restaurant at Karahalli cross and packed our lunch from there.

From restaurant, hill was visible and after finishing our breakfast, we started walking towards the hill. We took a little longer route in search of butter milk on the way but unfortunately butter milk shop was closed when we reached. We took couple of breaks to relax on the way. There was a shade to sit at a little height between the rocks and many of us tried to find a place to sit in the shade.

After a 1:30 hours trek we reached at hill top. Hilltop does not has any big tree or cave kind of structure with some shade. Some of us were able to sit below a shrub which was giving some shade and was able to accommodate 4-5 people. Rest of us found small rocks circling around the shrub to sit at. All of us were feeling hungry and after few minutes everyone started bringing snacks which they have brought.
Hill top has a very good view and enough area to play around. After finishing our lunch most of us got busy in taking snaps. I was the laziest person and I took 10-15 minutes of sun bathing nap after I finished my lunch.

We stayed at hill top close to 1 hour and as there were no shades or clouds so we decided to climb down. Climbing down is always fun as it takes lesser time to descend as compare to ascending the hill. Descending is also less tiring to ascending. While descending, many of us started singing Hindi songs, which was a real fun. While climbing down, we also had discussions on various topics including many girlfriends of Lord Krishna. Merryl did not seem very happy with this fact but I argued that making so many girl friends will still be easier than managing so many at the same time and managing all these girl friends at the same time is definitely of god level task. This has brought many of us into laughter.
After reaching foothill, we took snacks and tea at the same restaurant. Bus was waiting for us so we finished our snacks very fast and rushed towards the bus. Kids were tired as they were very active during the entire trek and they slept as soon as we reached the bus.
We had a very nice team in this trek which included folks of varied age groups and professions including a chef at a five star hotel. Hope to have more such fun filling treks in future.

Written By     : Vaibhav Rastogi
Original Blog  : My Travelogue
Organized By : Gaurav & Monisha
Date of event : 5th July, 2015
Place              : Horagina Betta
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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