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One Day Trek To Horaginabetta

A single day Diary on “The Outside Hillock” Trek 

Shouldn’t you guys go “wah.. wah..” just by the title I have given to our small yet an aspiring for a never to end expedition? Come on already ;)

As always we do,for any trek, sapna and myself headed from my home to the meeting point on that early Saturday longing to live enough of life for a day, away from the giji giji of the city, after which seemed to have been a never ending hectic week. With no doubt, I am so very sure I did reflect each of our thoughts 

Majestic Terminal 3 Bus Stop, Platform #12 at 7:15 AM, “Good morning Sangu  “, a warm relief to have found our favourite organiser, then, as expected, the real enthusiastic bunch of them who had rouse early on that cool morning had reached on time which showed their excitement for the day.

Those unsure Hi Hellos, doubtful thoughts for the day on those first timer’s faces, and that voice inside somebody’s head as to “what topic should I bring up next to keep the talk go on?” (Aahnn! .. I heard that boy :P )….… who knew the coming few hours would lead us all to become a bunch of unknown to well known friends with no defined custom to start a friendship. Who all agree with me? Raise your hands now  Hey you! I can see you … not gonna raise ur hand yet? :P

I remember a song that starts something like .. “every story has a beginning, a middle and end and m stuck on chapter one” .. suits me perfectly to where I am on my expedition story now .. lolz :P okay okay .. moving forward, I am getting our bus to move too, now that all are on board, not gonna wait much for the rest of them, shall inform them to catch the next bus and then catch us on the way. So they did, couple of them, at devanahalli fueling point …as in .. fueling our body with a good breakfast ;) 

After a risky belief of getting to parcel our lunch at the foot hill karahalli hotel, our sangu sir loaded up the carry load of some snacks to save us all, just in case ;) From here is where we en routed to the trek point transitting in another bus.

While we girls picked up the all-time and anytime savior cucumber for a expected hot day, our leaders sangu and vikram( can call him as vuyeeeeen .. uhn.. uhn .. pronounce with ‘n’ silent there .. yes .. exactly .. like … vu .. yeeee) got to win over that risky belief of theirs and got us all a heavy lunch packed for parcel.

We all, still being familiar only by faces, except for few of us, finally got to start on the stretched path to one of the, trek to remember, a day to be etched in our memories.

Under the shades, before the adventure, there begin the official introduction where we understood there were two students, few IT baked products, couple of ready to be baked IT products, few on the safer side of the baking IT, and two becharas as in shaadi shuda naseebwale ( :P ), among which 4-5 were first timers. Done. A commencement of a Group photo by our most thank ful member, Suresh Ji, with a DSLR ;). Thank you Suresh Ji for trapping up us all together in those frames, throughout the day  Not to forget, many thanks to anish, harshad and Kiran too for those dazzling snap collections 

Coming back to the stretched path of the, trek to remem..………., we all headed to the foot of the hill for the actual beginning of our trek (I was told by the god, that night in my dream, that he was troubled so much the very minute when each in our group had prayed, begged and bugged him for the climate to be cool that day. It seems he had no other go but to sanction.. lolz .. :P ) Sangu sir leading, Vikram ji tailing, a train of us slowly started off to the slowly growing elevation of, just ,still the foot of the hill. A quick break for a breath with a jelly candy and sip of water, was led again ahead, following  Sangu and a BTC old hog Umang’s trails. Good rain in last few days had got the hill covered up in a green wrap and the coolness brought by that greenery, did not tire us much. Since there is no well-defined path to the top of the hill, our leaders had to figure out a apt and easy trail for us and they did it just perfect. Few more energy refueling breaks which refueled to the content with lots of memories captured throughout the trail got us all tirelessly nearing our destination. 

Those Breathtaking landscape of the cities, visibility drawn to many un discovered far far hills, added more fuel to our spirit. Not any lesser were our chit chat throughout, filled with ‘phata hua’ jokes pulling each other’s legs ( not literally ;) ) , few sharing their old trek experiences, few silently enjoying the trail and the walkie talkie us, such a fascinating journey that was. Wonderful were those first timers who made us think that, they might have lied about being first timers ;) What an energy sirji?!! 

And then it started. Remember?! The climate turning cooler to the consistency that we couldn’t have asked more for. A Perfect climate for a rocky terrain trek. By now, most of us have known each other like we had been buddies for a long time. What else anyone could want more? Like they say, A well begin is half done and there we were, done by 3/4th of our trail. Selfie freak harshad, powerful eye of Suresh ji’s DSLR and Anish’s wide screen Ipad, by now had all of us arrested in candid and significant poses.

Couple more breaks and moving ahead finally brought us to the door of Lord Shani eshwara temple. This temple for us was the mark, of our destination camp nearing in no time. Spending few mins with the god, thanking him for a good climate, we settled reaching the one place we all started to reach for. The top of hill. The most soothing breeze we all ever faced to and the ultimate view that did welcome us was itself a un definable feeling of satisfaction, relief.

Unloading our bag packs under that one savior tree on top of the hill, we all ran to a mostly planate flattened top of the hill, and boarded on the rock tops in groups for the mesmerizing views of the surroundings that would take our view to as far as we could see the earth and sky intersecting. Even before we could seep in the overflowing nature’s beauty to our souls satisfaction, started the photo shoot.
Group pics, single pics, profile pics, cover pics, open hair girls pics, sangu n vikram’s yoga pose pics, shah rukh’s open arm pose pics, harshad’s selfie pics, chitti babu’s on request, with girls only pics, that pics, jumping jacks in the air pics, this pics and pics pics pics. Tired of the pleasure of thrilling experience, damn hungry, we all headed back to the only roof, under the single savior tree to have our lunch. Correction. A heavy lunch. Hogging on to the food, guys were still on to some ‘phate hue’ jokes and lost in a different world of amusement.

The light wind was still on to soothing us, when we were done with our hefty lunch which put some to drowse over the cool rocks and some under the tree shades. The rest were sure to overcome the filled up belly, asking for a break to doze off. Walking slowly to the edgy rocks, everyone started chilling out, chatting up, like the place now has become their well-known regular ‘adda’. Pun filled humor, few giggling on inside jokes, and then for a minute the silence, enjoying the “Right Here, Right now” moment, it all felt right. Like shedding all the worldly worries and to just be there.

Then again the nautankipan started slowly and then the infection caught up soon, getting mobile camera, Ipad camera busy to not let go anything missed. This went on for a while till the ticking time rouse an alarm to our organizer on the bus timing, the bus we were supposed to catch to return to our “Soo regular” world  

Such a cliché to see on each of those face the feel of, “OKAY, YEAH”!!

Before we would start back, suresh ji suggested we all gather on a flat surface and jump together so that he could capture “the moment of the day” picture. I am not sorry that I wrote this part of the blog after the photos were shared and that’s because, there is a wonderful job done by anish on capturing a series of successive photos, what do they call it? Yes, the Burst mode of shooting!! Guys, go check it out ;) Awesome Anish.

Haan! Where was I? Yes, the moment of the day capture lead us to moment of feeling of an achievement to have had an “out of the world day”  back packs packed up and backed up, we all headed back, some lucky to have bribed by Vikram’s Rum Chocolate to trail down quick ;) With a well-planned time by our organizers not to rush down the herd and manage to leisurely catch the return bus, we all relaxingly walked down the trail with some pit stops, just not to end the expedition soon. When almost about to reach down the hill bottom, the trail got slightly rerouted to a slightly, very slightly difficult path, which is expected to happen in such adventures, was not even worth mentioning as an obstacle since it did not stop us at all. Then, there we were back on the land, no more on the hill (  ), slowing down towards the karehalli stop. Our Sangu sir, tried to cheer us up mentioning of getting hot pakodas with hot coffee/tea. Freshening up a little with the cold tap water on the way back, we reached the hotel with free space for all of us, for the assured hot coffee/tea with freshly prepared pakodas. While on hogging on to pakodas, our organizers decided this to be the right time for the feedback ritual. Feedback session filled with the gratitude of “such a pleasure”, “thank ful”and “greatful”, to have been part of “The Day”. 

The dictionary meaning of “trek” says its “a journey or trip, especially one involving difficulty or hardship. “Difficulty?! Hardship?! .. what do I hear? What say guys?! Shouldn’t we replace this dictionary meaning to “a fun filled, earnest desire for a never ending day with unknown to known friends?” 

No No!! I do remember! Not gonna miss the most enjoyed moment of returning back home! Oh Yea, sounds off the track right?! That’s the twist ;) Yes, we did enjoy at the end of the trek too. There There now. Don’t get confused now :P Let me come to the last chapter of the story now  

Boarding the bus that was on time to the stop, we call gathered up at the back seats so that we all can still be together before we depart. Sangu’s “paisa wasool” part went smooth and to kill the one long hour of journey, we decided to start dumb charades. Moving bus and dumb charades is such a perfect combination, but definitely not on a public bus guys :P Sangu suggested we play antaakshari which sparked harshad’s brilliant brain to suggest us play antaakshari not with the regular movie names/songs but with the name of eateries.
He assured that its going to be unexpectedly funniest and so it did happen. I don’t want to give up the secret of this brilliant game so that people make it stale with no actually puns to it. Only harshad can bring up the beauty to it with those threatening lines of “ ab hamara dekho .. ghee mein bana hua sarson ka saag” .. lolz. The series of what not, “Idly” part of the antaakshari, the “alag alag deshon mein banta” chai part of the antaakshari, Oh My! We laughed and laughed and laughed like “just give up already!”. Public who boarded the bus wonderously watched us with no clue for those LOLs and ROLFs :D Thanks much to harshad to have the game introduced to all of us. 

The group started growing small as some of our now friends started getting at their respective stops to reach back to their rabbit holes and rest of us continued chit chatting about that this and this that. With out the sense of time, we had reached to majestic to depart from the event full part of the day.

If not all together, I assure you all that, we shall keep meeting each other in one or the other trek, making those treks also the memorable, just like this one. Chillax guys   Keep Trekking, Keep making memories.

Organized By : Sangamesh
Written By :     Sushma
Total Count :   17
Event Date :     27th June 2015
Place :              Horaginabetta

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