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Trek to Nijagal Betta

Nijagal betta  -  Trek started.....Oh......hold on.............On the Peak !!

Yaha se thoda door...city ke railway station hey... hum waha milenge !! Yes, we all gathered at City Railway station to start our short footslog.  Early morning travelling in train is always a fun. Train started to take diversion from work city against the routine flow towards excitement. The movement journey started cameras were out and our photographers were already busy flicking clicks of unknown faces. As this was my second trek with BTC few BTC'ians were known to me and that's how we started comforting self with talks and slowly everyone in our seating area joined us. We were 21 of us I guess and the train stops ...oops the train doesn't stop but gives a pause at Dobbspet station, while others got down at the platform exit, around 4 of us jumped from the other door of moving train. We were almost in a verge to miss the trek!!                     
As we got down our organizer Channa was quick enough to finish bargains with the autos available in the vicinity. We hired 2 autos to ferry 10+ folks in each auto. Craving for food we reached a local hotel at Dobbspet . The whole hotel seemed to be occupied by us, Idlis and Masala vadas were on our plates and hot! Famous thatte idli was as big as the plate and eating half of it filled my appetite. We took lunch packets and headed towards "Nijagal Betta" in the same autos hanging all the sides and photographers struggling to take pics inside the fully filled autos. After  auto-popping ourselves Channa shrieked for a introduction round by forming a round. Amidst the nature with the destination in front of we finished our formal introduction round  and dispersed to fill the hill with us. Channa told us we are going to do trail finding as we were not doing the normal route which made us feel more adventurous. 
As we took off the climate forecasted  bit of rains to expect but in minutes of time glorious sun came out to see us trek keeping him mild. An optimum temperature to trek, we reached the midway of the hill. Standing there was a cute green lake in front of me, a dargah towards right and a very old temple on my left. We went inside the temple...errr it cannot be called as a temple but remains of a kind of temple with no diety inside. Diety was formed by the girls in our team and guess it was a formation of Kali devi with 10 hands, we insisted them to be serious atleast for the pic to look like goddess but ended up a smiling  goddess!! After a round of foto-session near lake and dargah we continued with our trek to the top. In no time we were on the peak.
To be frank, reaching peak was so easy unlike other treks and view from this peak is amazing. The view is something like HayDay game or Farmville - farmlands look so small with different crops and tiny lorries,busses and train was just a toy - on the other side we can see Shivgange betta standing stiff and tall adding richness to the view. On the hill most liked spot to anyone would be the cave like formation by huge (2 times huge) natural rocks and a beam of sunlight inside it making glow effect on anyone's face ;-) . We played " dumb charades " - ok I should mention about Afzal who guessed movie names even before people started to enact, talent bro!!  - then antakshari of film names to pass the time on peak. We expected it to rain but rain dint show up again leaving most of us sad.
Lunch packets were pulled out to pull in energy to trek down. Still a lot of time left out for scheduled departure so few of them took quick naps in the breeze and most of us jumping kicking giggling posing for pics. Photographers usually tell  "Sayy cheeeeeze" before taking pics, instead this chap Afzal started to tell "Jump Jump Jump" before clicking pics. A lot of clicks and selfies forced us to move downhill to reach railway track. As there was ample time left out for train we walked on the railway track to reach back to station. With lot of Josh we started to walk on track and half way down people were tired walking on the rails. So the slow pace of trekkers made Channa to scream(peacefully) at us to walk faster. We reached the station and took the last group pic and boarded the train towards our work city and this time we were spread out, to many doors to climb in being clever than morning. Though most of us did not get seats the total experience of a short trek-Photos filled day was wonderfull. Thanks to BTC and Channa for such a planned and well organised trip.

Written By         : Anup Veerapur
Organized By     : Channabasappa Nad
Date of event    : 27th June, 2015
Members Count  : 21
Theme               : Day Trek
Place                 : Nijagal Betta
Photo Credits     : Prithiyan, Channa and Sandeep                           
Pictures             : BTC FB Page

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