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Blood Donation V: Be A Hero - 21st June, 2015

As we become a part of the ever growing bigger world, there is a need for us to get

everything under our belt and not let the chaos sustain. I feel that we should always look to curb the anonymity and by doing so, we make friends, family. And forget not, we are a part of the society and for all the years to come and for the future generations, we are no less a reason that helps in their survival. Need for medication for making the lives and livelihood happen in and around the place we live is the least of the help, but very much important, in carrying out our responsibilities.

June 21st 2015 is the day where 40 people, part of the BTC realized this responsibility and
have come to be part of the blood donation drive conducted by Lions Blood Bank, Sanjaynagar.

We started visiting the place at around 10 AM and the drive was conducted till 1 PM. I
reached the spot finding out my route and then few others joined pretty soon. There was our official photographer who was always part of the community and he slowly started capturing the enthusiasm shown by our volunteers. The rush never started to take a toll on the doctors there as we had ample time to get the process done smoothly over the period of 3 hours. We were given few juices and biscuits to munch on and wait for a while before we made a move.

The drives as such, I wish would let us realize how important it is to socialize ourselves and with this, practiced through out our lives, hope it brings hope to the person awaiting the elixir of his life and hope we foresee happiness on that person awaiting our help. Stay healthy. Stay fit.

Written By          : Aditya PV
Organized By      : Aditya PV
Members Count  : 40
Date of event     : 21 June 2015
Place                  : Sanjaynagar, Bangalore.
Pictures              : BTC album

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