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Horagina Betta Trek: Boys n Girls Special

Friendship day was round the corner and I was looking forward to celebrate this day in a unique way.  I got to know about 1 day trek on August 2nd to Horaginabetta by Bangalore TrekkingClub and instantly knew that it would be the best way to celebrate friendship day, with a set of trek enthusiasts that I was about to meet and have a good time with! I immediately registered to the trek and was shortlisted too.

On Sunday, all the shortlisted people met up at Majestic Terminal 3 by sharp 7:00 AM. Sreemoyee and Vikram were trek leads. All the 17 of us boarded bus to Devanahalli by 7:20 AM and reached by 8:30. We slowly started to get to know each other. We had breakfast at a restaurant there. We felt delighted after having Idli, Dosa, Upma followed by refreshing tea and coffee. We boarded another bus and reached Nandi village by 10 o’ clock.
We had a formal introduction with each other later and it was the first time in the day that we got to know about everyone and their hobbies and interests. To make this trek more exciting, Sreemoyee and Vikram decided to split the team into 2, to explore 2 different trails till the top! We packed lunch for noon from the nearby restaurant and started our trek by 10:30 AM.
The weather was cloudy and breezy, which added to our pleasant mood. After climbing for a while, we divided ourselves into 2 groups, with Vikram,Utkala, Smitha, Yugandhar,Anent,Prashant,Sohom, Vishnu in one team and me, Sreemoyee, Sonali , Shubhadha, Pooja, Shailesh, Ruwise, Navneet and Monalisha in another.We strongly felt that the terrain at Horaginabetta had variety, ranging from Greenery, plain land to Rocky patches. It was challenging and interesting to follow the trail and concentrate on making our way through dense trees at times.
 Ruwise and Anent had cameras and we enjoyed clicking and posing for pictures! We took quite a few short breaks while climbing and ate snacks we had carried with us. After further ascent, our team reached the common point first and met Vikram’s team and we all were so excited to continue and reach to the top. We crossed the Shani temple and finally were at the peak by 1 PM. The view was absolutely breathtaking! Few of us were trying to capture the view in our cameras and few of us were really awestruck and became silent spectators watching nature’s beauty around.
At the top of Horaginabetta, we peacefully had our lunch that we had packed from the restaurant and the food tasted really good! We were very hungry and ate all the cucumbers, biscuits, chips and fruits that we carried. We played Dumbcharrades and made sure to give unheard movie names to each other. All of us struggled to guess the right movies and in the process, created our own hilarious movie titles. It was great fun and felt like we are back in college with a set of fun-loving friends. We were strangers when we started the trek in morning and now we were one single group of new friends!
We stared towards the base by 3 PM and our backpacks were so light since we had consumed almost all of the food and water we had. Each of us carried 2 Litre water and we were comfortable throughout the trek. With fewer breaks, we reached base by 5 PM. Sreemoyee bought much needed mango juice cartons for us to beat the heat and we boarded the bus to Majestic and reached the place by 6:30 PM.

This was my first trek with BTC and it turned out to be better than expected! It was very well organized and we had a great fun experience throughout the day. Thank you BTC for a memorable day! Looking forward to be a part of more such treks with BTC and explore nature.

Written By     : Anusha Kulkarni
Organized By : Sreemoyee & Vikram
Date of event : 2nd August, 2015
Place              : Horagina Betta
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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