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Shivagange Trek - Fast Trek

It was a trek in a small group of 10 people. Chaitanya organized it and he felt that small group trek will be more fun. 

We started from Majestic bus stand at 7 AM. We took a bus towards Tumkur and got down at Dabbaspet. We walked for close to half a km to reach a restaurant and took breakfast there. We got only Idly Vada as breakfast and it was quiet a surprise for me to have Idly of much bigger size of a plate. It is called as Thatte Idly. Hemalatha explained us that Thatte means plate and it is called as Thatte Idly as it is cooked in a plate and thus it becomes of same size of a plate. 

After finishing breakfast we packed our lunch and hired an auto rickshaw towards Shivagange temple. More details about Shivagange - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivagange

Shivagange was my first trek at Bangalore and I visited this temple along with my family. After reaching at hill top I was amazed to see the view from hill top. This very first trek of Shivagange started my passion towards trekking at Bangalore. 
This trek is relatively well managed as compare to other treks. As it is a temple trek so we can find stairs until the hill top. We find many monkeys on the way and clear instructions were given of not keeping any food items in the bag which are visible to monkeys. 
Another good thing about this trek is that we get food items on the way. Many of us stopped while climbing up to eat cucumber chat, mango slices with spice and also butter milk. 
This trek has many stops due to temples on the way. We had 3 major stops. 1st stop is for Shivagange temple where we get ground water on top of the hill and this is how it got its name as Shivaganga. There is an arm length hole where devotees put their hand to touch the water with their palm. Touching the water is considered to be lucky.

2nd stop is a big idol of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. This is the place where we get butter milk to drink.

The last patch of trek which starts after the big idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati is the toughest part of this trek. It is relatively steep. It is worth trying as the view which we get after reaching top of the hill is fascinating. 

We stayed on top of the hill for close to 1 hour and then started climbing down. We found a place to sit close to main Shivaganga temple and we finished our lunch there. We need to very careful with monkeys as they were trying to steal our lunch.

It was partially sunny during climbing up and it became cloudy while descending and as soon we finished out trek, it started drizzling. We took an auto rickshaw till the Debbaspet bus stand and took a bus from there towards Bangalore from there. We had another option to take train back to Bangalore but we preferred bus as train was after an hour at 4:15. This trek was relatively faster and we reached Bangalore by 5:30pm.

Written By      : Vaibhav Rastogi
Main Blog        : My Travelogue
Organized By   : Chaitanya Kumar Adusumilli
Date of event  : 5th Aug, 2015
Members Count: 12
Place              : Dabbaspet

Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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