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An adventure to begin with Nagala

I, like many others, assumed it to be yet another New year with a barrage of soon to be broken resolutions and stupid Facebook posts commemorating the year gone by.
But alas it was not to be, for on JAN 1ST 2016 we were headed to quite an adventure.
we left from Bangaluru at 10:45 PM and reached Puttur,Andra Pradesh around 4 AM and got into another bus to reach Nagalapuram. After breakfast and Tea we hailed a tempo and left for the base.
Enthusiasm Maximum.
A few meters into the trek we came across a beautiful Lake, its scenic beauty welcomed and encouraged us, it was a perfect start.

It a relatively easy trek we passed and crossed several streams and creeks, the soothing sound of the flowing water ever reminiscent of nature’s beauty.

Our first stop lay amidst towering hills, as if formed to protect the beautiful body of water. The slight roar of it; flowing down was ever so complemented by its calming feel. Eager to jump in, we hurried towards it and in no time, we were relishing, jumping, giggling in these calm waters. Those of us who couldn’t swim were waiting for our turns with the life jacket and when we did.
Oh! how the time flied.

After swimming, floating and diving to our hearts content we sat down for a hungry lunch. In keeping with our policy we took our trash along with us and headed for our point of stay.
It was, like a little cavern; as if cut out just for the one’s who would take the trouble. As if an assurance, that nature will always provide a way to survive.

We rested for a while and headed towards another wonder, you may call it like a little getaway to our younger selves, every kid grows up loving among many things slides. They represent so much joy, adventure and most of all they allow you to leave behind ‘everything’.
Just about to jump.
We spent hours hanging out by the pool, we went in over and over again but it never stopped being fun. A few hours later we retired to our shelter, some took up the responsibility of cooking and other busy with games.
Soon dinner was served, massive thanks to Lokith, Ameer and team for making such effort to get us dinner and breakfast the next day.

Day 2.
We trekked down and passed beside a few streams, over a few others and across one. Our destination would make all of it worth, in fact it would pay us more.

It was a secluded cavern, as if coveted by nature. The waters so cool and relaxing that they washed away all fatigue and filled us with enthusiasm, excitement and energy.

But this was not it, we had one more surprise in store for us, passing through a narrow pathway and making our way through another pool we cam across a small waterfall. The water gushing out through the openings in the rock was like a pressure bath and bubble bath rolled into one. It was exhilarating.
We dragged ourselves out of this mesmerizing get away and started back towards our lunch spot. Thanks to Dinesh who had carried lunch, for those of us who had failed to do so. It was both delicious and nutritious.
After this, it was few more stops until we reached our base which would mark the end of this memorable, wonderful and enriching journey.
A beautiful end to a beautiful journey..
All this was made possible because of the efforts and patience of two gentlemen, Ameer and Lokith. Thanks to them both for letting us experience this extravaganza of nature. It will be remembered by us all..

Written By        : Saleem
Organized By    : Ameer & Lokith
Date of event    : 2nd Jan, 2016
Members Count : 15
Place               : Nagala
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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