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Natural pools of Nagalapuram - 2,3 Jan 2016

The natural pools in Nagala beats any water sports in a themed park I've been to. In less than a year, I was back to dare myself to jump from a stomach knotting height. Heart felt thanks to Bangalore Trekking Club for once again organizing a wonderful trip and 14 fellow trekkers for all the sweet memories.

We gathered at Terminal 3 to catch a bus. Organizers Ameer and Lokith had managed to procure 5 life-jackets on rent despite the unusual  demand. Only Ameer and I had been to Nagala before and we did our best to hype up the location and expectations. I think we fell well short, it has to be experienced to suspend belief. After quick round of introductions, we boarded ksrtc bus to Puttur.

Luckily, there were enough empty seats to spread out, keep our luggage and rest as comfortable as possible in public transport. We reached before 4 AM the next morning, waited for sometime and then caught the next bus to Nagalapuram village. This one was even more empty, but with worn out seats and rickety windows. We still managed to catch some sleep in the chill.

At the village, we had our first cups of tea/coffee and then waited on steps in front of shops to wait for organizers to arrange a place for freshening up. Our lead guide Giri (whom I knew from previous trip) and his companion Suresh soon arrived. The marriage hall we made use of last time was being rented for cotton sales, so we had to use another marriage hall close by. It was still under construction, but fit for our purposes. We then had breakfast and a long waiting time to get lunch packed. Meanwhile, the local guides and organizers went shopping for rice and supplies for dinner that evening.

Fun started right away with our 50 minute bumpy bolero ride to the base. From serene fields to hills in the distance and stealing sugarcane to selfies. Before starting, everybody got their lunch packs and went about securing their backpacks for the trek ahead.

It was a sunny day as expected. Giri and Suresh led at the front, while Ameer brought up the rear. First timers had plenty of questions which Giri patiently answered (he was genuinely happy to lead and proud of the place). He told us how the dam was flooding during the recent cyclones.
Part natural, part man made dam
Our group was quite energetic and made quick progress towards first of the three pools. The initial walk besides the banks gave way to well worn path amidst trees and bushes. The stream was never too far from us. Stones and thorny bushes restricts the pace, but probably not so much given our heavy backpacks and overhead Sun. We took breaks often, many a times just for the fast and slow trekkers (relatively speaking) to catch up. All along, nostalgia was too strong as and when I recognized some spots from last time, including a doggie joining us.

At one of those spots, there were so many frogs (or toads?) that it was difficult to not step on one of them. As we neared the pool, we found Amla (Indian Gooseberry) trees. Giri and Suresh helpfully climbed and plucked loads of them.

Finally, at half past noon, we reached the pool. Dinesh kickstarted by going in first. Giri guided people wanting to jump, showing the spots, brief techniques and leading the way for the first 20+ feet jump.
Enjoying in the natural pool
Non-swimmers took turns with life-jackets and helped by Giri and swimmers to get used to water and have 100% faith. While waiting for my turn, I did my best to capture moments here and there. Just standing besides the top spot was a bit scary. Dinesh, Vivek, Radhika, Aliasgar and Lokith took lead after Giri, while Ameer had a lengthy mental battle despite a successful attempt last time.

Among non-swimmers, Sahana, Saleem, Syed and Shilpa were quick to trust life-jacket and jumped quite a bit around. Susmitha and Vidya became accustomed by the third pool. Mounika was kinda meh to all our jumping antics despite knowing swimming well - she finally took the bait of 10+ feet jump the next day :P Despite phobia, Akash did his best to get in water and more importantly took wonderful pictures :)

When I finally got my chance, I started with small jump, then about 10 feet jump before climbing again for icing on the cake. Aliasgar was kind enough to take over shooting responsibilities. I just made sure video was being taken and then jumped on count of three, before my fear of heights near edges could take over. My landing went awry and it hurt for a while, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good to do it again! :)

About 3 hours later, we called it enough and had lunch - yummy lemon rice with snacks. After some rest, we trekked for another half an hour to reach the cave (still in damp clothes), just below a hill top, ideal location to camp and spend the night. For now, we continued to the stream above which is famously known for magic pool - a natural slide on rocks ending with deep pool.
Natural slide (Photo Courtesy: Akash)
Like before, swimmers took lead to show how it is done. Many were skeptical at first and then couldn't hold themselves from repeating it many many times. One just needs to be careful in folding hands before sliding, rest is all magical :)

The climb back up on ragged and sharp cuts in the rocks was the only difficult part. Sandals with straps are ideal to go in so that it is easier while coming back. And then there is a narrow spot, allowing a 10+ feet jump. Most of us jumped, some doing it multiple times. Yet again, I did it quickly before fear could set in. Giri, Akash and Vivek took plenty of pictures and videos (Overall we had about 10 GB of images and videos to share :D)

After we changed to dry clothes, most of us settled down for much needed rest. Guides and few others went down to collect wood for cooking and camp fire. From previous experience, we knew there were rats about and we spotted them from time to time.

While we waited, we munched on snacks and then started a very convoluted Antakshri - movie names in pretty much any language - Telugu, Kannada and Tamil were most popular. Malayalam, English, Hindi, Gujarathi and Marathi were thrown in. Most of the times it was like rapid fire quiz, very difficult to keep track. It was fun and definitely good for time pass.

Like last time, we all went up for a while to sit under the brilliance of the sky, twinkling with stars. Highlight was epic monologue by Saleem on the science behind Interstellar movie. After dinner (tamarind rice, white rice, pickle, curd, snacks, etc), we spread out our sleeping mats and settled to play mafia, moderated by Mounika. While the first round was admittedly funny as participants were getting to know the rules of the game, the second round resulted in clean routing of mafia, courtesy immaculate policemen and doctor.

After bit of re-arranging and plenty of adjustment, all 17 of us fit in that small flat space for the night. Plus the doggie. Few wakings apart, I had a good sleep. After freshening up in the morning, we kindled the fire again to heat MTR ready-to-eat packs followed by cup-noodles and normal ones. Some hadn't paid attention to mail circulated before the trip regarding food, but in the end it all turned out sufficient.

By 9:40 AM, we started our trek to the third and final pool. We had to go down to the stream below and continue following it all the way to pool. Of course, we took plenty of pics before starting. After steady hike and numerous breaks (including wading in thigh deep water), we reached the spot by 11 AM.

This time we only spent 2 hours in the pool :P Intention was more about getting everybody to visit the hidden small waterfall on the other side. Swimmers took lead in guiding the non-swimmers in batches. While we were at it, another group trekking from the other side met us.
Third pool, with hidden waterfall behind those rocks
The pool near the waterfall was ideal to spend lot of time (which the now confident non-swimmers made full use of, especially floating). And the rest of us took turns to jump from about 15 feet in the front. 1-2-3 and jump became a mantra. Few even took to give us a show on head-first dive, back jumps and so on. A big thanks to Syed, Akash and others who patiently took photos and videos.

After crossing the stream, we had lunch - khakras, bread (thanks for peanut butter and pineapple jam), biscuits, cake and whatever snacks we had remaining. Giri told us that we could spend some time in yet another pool, so we didn't spend much time relaxing and walked in damp clothes again.

We took about two hours to reach there. With plenty of breaks, water-filling, snaps and chit-chat about treks. It was a wide and good spot to spend time, though just shallow pools. Many villagers were already enjoying, so we decided to give this one a skip. We changed to dry clothes, kept out the damp ones to dry and settled for much needed rest and more chit-chat.

The break also helped to break the monotonous march to starting point. By 5 PM, we reached the dam and took plenty of group pics. Some villagers were curious about our trip, while some were genuinely surprised at such an undertaking. While waiting for our bolero ride to come, we went over photos and videos on our cameras and formed whatsapp group. We even had a prolonged discussion on fat loss and how Yoga seems best choice. Over and above nature, it is the wonderful people who make the trip memorable. Thanks everyone :)

At Nagalapuram bus stand, we had time just enough for cup of tea/coffee, before we got lucky to get a bus to keep our luggages without an issue and get seats a short while after getting in. We had some very spicy discussions :P before reaching Puttur. After some inquiry, we went to Jyothi mess for dinner. We ordered every variety of dosas available and few plates of chappathis too. Food was tasty, onion-dosa was the best. And then a round of ice-cream. Just about 20 minutes left when we entered bus stand. Since the other trekking group were also taking the same bus, we had to adjust by keeping our luggages below the seats.

Overall, yet another wonderful trek with BTC. What more could one ask to start a new year with? Eagerly awaiting Kumara Parvatha trek with BTC this month. And I think I will be back to Nagala next year as well :P

Written By        : Sundeep
Original Blog     Natural pools of Nagalapuram - 2,3 Jan 2016
Organized By    : Ameer & Lokith
Date of event    : 2nd Jan, 2016
Members Count : 15
Place               : Nagala
Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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