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Mari Betta Trek

My name is Kavin. I am 9 years old and I am here to tell you about my experience in my first trek with BTC

We were going to Maribeta. We got into the TT and we were introducing our names by acting our name it was almost hard for everyone introduce their names. 

We ate breakfast and the breakfast was awesome. We ordered lunch and resumed our 
journey and the way to Maribeta was scenic.
We got down out of the TT and walked almost 1KM to the starting point of the trek. As we started the trek I was getting exhausted. As we were trekking we saw a rock that was balanced in one side only! It was more like a cave. Until the forest it was easy as we got to the tip it became steep rocks. Some how we reached the tip of first mountain I was so exhausted that I took a gulp of water. Almost everyone was exhausted so we were walking so slow. And in the tip of the first mountain there were so many cactus plants. As we reached the tip of Maribeta everyone started taking photos as the Admin went in search of shade for eating lunch. The Admin came back telling “I have found shade”. We followed the Admin. The shade was one rock balanced by many rocks. We reached the shade and were so hungry and tired that everyone ate and took a 5min nap. 
We resumed our trek back down in a different way.

The way down was easier as the Admin told this is the way the villagers come to the tip of Maribeta. Then we saw a lake and we refreshed ourselves I was feeling a little active.
We got into the TT and we played games while coming back that was fun. THANK YOU !!!

My name is Thalir. I'm 8 years old. This is my first experience with BTC. First I was thinking which bus am I going to travel? I was thinking there would be a special trekking bus. But it was just a van. When we boarded the van, I was sitting with uncle. In the van, I was supposed to enact my name and others should guess my name. I was enacting and no one could find my name. My dad was guiding me to enact for Tamil meaning. None could find still and I had to tell my name.
During the drive, I saw many mountains and was thinking which is the mountain I'm going to trek. I was told that Maribetta is behind all those mountains. We reached the starting point of the trek and started walking. On our way in the wild route, I noticed a building and heard a song. I thought its a house, but I was told that its a temple. There uncles were giving instructions.

We started moving forward. I had fun chatting.. chatting with Aunty..no no.. Akka. :-)
We had to cross 2 mountains. On the top of the first mountain there were so many cactus. Then we were going and noticed a nice Goose berry tree on a rock tip. Uncle helped plucking so many goose berries for us to eat. Wow.. wild Goose berries.. so Yummy.. we all got strength back to climp up.

I noticed many big and long Bamboo trees on the way; I carried back a bamboo stick with me. I thought we almost reached Maribetta but no we had cross a hill to reach our spot. We crossed few steep rocks and there were so many thorns on our way.. of course in wild routes there would be thorns. I enjoyed my trek coming up and we finally reached Maribetta. 

On the top we were relaxing under a plant.. can you guess which one it is? Its a Cactus.. can you believe? Then, Anna went and found a nice shelter under a big rock. It was so thrilling and amazing that the big rock was balanced with few small rocks. We went under that big rock, had lunch and were relaxing. 
We started back via a different route; this had paths and was easier. I wished to come back via the wild route. We reached down faster and were there at a lake for refreshing ourselves. We started driving back.

We had nice snacks in Adigae Mane. I liked the pictures in the hotel. I collected many soda bottle caps from them. 

On the way back in the van we played a nice game which was too too funny, with great 
laughter we enjoyed a lot.

Overall, it was a wonderful trekking.

I would like to share few points which my kids missed to specify.

This is our family's first trek with BTC. When we boarded the van, we were made comfortable with the team in seconds. For the first time I was thinking too much to act out my name, for others to find out. It was a nice start. 

Enjoyed the trek and much with the team. When I started, I was finding it difficult with 
breathlessness but the organizers were very patient enough to support and guide. About the trekking experience, kids covered almost everything. 

The highlight of the lunch.. was Monisha's Banana cake. Super yummy it was.

On the way back, in the van we were playing Food'aakshari or Kaana'akshari. To tell a food item starting with the letter which the other team ends. The highlight of the game was people were so innovative to find new food items such as 'Sambar Idli Rasam', 'Dalda tava roti', 'Dalda chicken mutton briyani', 'Dalda Sambar Vada', 'Dalda Ice cream', 'Dalda coffee' etc., and what not. We all enjoyed the game with great laughters.
The organisers team was so entertaining through out. Totally it was a great and fun-filled 
Written By       : Kavin, Thalir & Vilva
Organized By   : Chaitanya
Date of event   : 3rd Jan' 2016
Members Count: 12
Place                : Kanakapura

Pictures           : BTC FB Page

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