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Steep Shivgange

Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into story teller,yeah that what happened to me when I started my second brilliant trek with BTC to Shivgange.

Shivgange is a Hindu pilgrimage center located near Dobbaspet. The peak is about 1368 m high. We were a group of 12 people met in majestic railway station around 7 o clock to take a train to Dobbaspet. Few joined from Yeshwantpur station. As the travel time was about one hour the introduction session was held in the train except for one sleepyhead in the upper berth. Most of us were hungry and were just waiting to reach Dobbaspet.So I didn’t know we had one hella auto ride is waiting for us in Dobbaspet.we took an auto from railway station to the hill base.Once reaching the base hot hot poori and idly were waiting for us.We just devoured the food and got all energetic for the trek now .After a group picture we started climbing the stairs and there came a point where you have to choose between the steps or climb rocks.

Ofcourse we chose the rocks.It got really steep now.Most of us were beginners and we took our time to climb.We reached a point where there is no path anymore .Ohh!Should we go back now and take the stairs ?Nope our co trekkers found us a path through thorns and bushes.BTC is all about exploring .No turning back.Mandatory clicks were done on the way.We reached the base of the temple soon.From there it was only steep steps .And this stretch is filled with atrocious monkeys .Monkeys were so intelligent that they could open the zip of the bag and take the snacks out .Yes !Believe me .Monkeys slowed us down.You should be very very careful in this path. Apparently talking to the monkeys won’t help, yea few tried that too. If only monkeys understood English.
We reached the beautiful Nandhi sculpture now. After clicking few pics there we started climbing towards the temple now and reached in no time .The view up there was just wow!! Its picture time now!!After relaxing for a while there we started climbing down which was comparatively easy.All were famished by that time so we had to stop for pine apple and nimbu pani.Reached the temple soon and had our lunch there .These temple food do have some kind of unique taste. After lunch few people went up again to touch the theertha water.We had to rush to railway station after that to catch the 4.20 train. The usual feedback session and a snack session was held in the train .Organizers Vikran and Raja Lakshmi made this trek easy for us.I should mention my wonderful and energetic co trekkers here: 
Nikhila,Shalini,Gaurav,Ankit,Naveen,Chetan,Abishek,Manikanta and Chandrashekar.Yay I remembered all the names.I am sure we all were glad that we chose to get into nature that weekend.

Written By       : Manuvidhya
Organized By   Raja Lakshmi & Vikram
Date of event   : 23rd Jan 2016
Members Count: 12
Place                : Dabbaspet

Pictures            : BTC FB Page

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