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Come back in one piece ! !

Wow! that was all this trekking was about,trail varied from easy to difficult,I will articulate in detail in below paragraphs. As usual we were instructed to meet at Santala Silk house (near to Kempegowda bus stand) @ 10 p.m. First I met Guru later Poormina joined us and our group started aggregated with others..

We introduced ourselves and started sharing about our previous experiences,finally our Tempo traveller came to stop @ 10:30. At same time we started our travel to Sagara! Once we started our Organizer Aameer and Lokith introduced themselves and explained in brief about event plans..

They also encouraged new comers to enact there name instead of telling it,So that audience should guess.. It was very fun to hear uncommon words as well as acting.
We reached Sagara in morning 6:30 a.m, then called our guide Mr.Mahesh and Anil. He came to us with in half an hour and took us to Chowdeshwari temple which is located in Kargal. We finished our morning ablutions, Mahesh and Anil made arrangement for our breakfast in temple premises.

Later we stated we traveled around thirty km to our start point of trekking,We were instructed about the rules that we should follow in trekking by Mahesh,and started trekking at 10:30 a.m in humid weather.
First day target was 12km in between we were visiting Bhemeshwara temple!,first for few km we just need to walk in villages. We enjoyed the beauty of villages, water stream, etc..Since Anil is a Botany student, he was explaining in detail about plant's medicinal values,which fascinated us to learn more about different species of plants.

After three km walk Mahesh halted us in a house, we had water,tender coconut,Mango etc.. Where ever we go always we were receiving good hospitality by village dwellers. From there we started our hiking to Bhemeshwara Temple. After tiring hiking of three kilometers in hills, we reached Bhemeshwara temple.
As a life saver there was a Battru mane(kind of motal),they agreed to prepare Lunch for us. By that time we thought of visiting temple and water falls near by. We could find old temple just beside was a falls was magnificent view for nature lovers. We were exited by seeing water falls, everyone wanted to rush to falls,we did as we desire. Mahesh and Anil guided us to reach falls bottom of falls. Falls had natural floors
like rocks, which facilitated to climb to top of it. Altogether we enjoyed the cold shower of falls. Taking bath in falls revived us.

Later we visited temple and has lavish lunch in battru mane. We took bit rest after lunch,later around 4 p.m we started trekking, now the
destination is to reach out home-stay(not a hotel depicted). We were suppose to trek again for 6 km, first four was hiking in forest,later two was walking in village. Finally ,we reached Gowdru mane,we could see plantation of onion,coriander and other vegetables,and one more surprising was a calf was born on the same day! We were bowled out by the hospitality that we received by them,They treated us as there own children.
That evening was fun,everyone was sharing there previous trekking experiences, And played many games like Mafia,Dumb Charades etc.. inbetween we were served with tea,coffee and Mouth watering Onion,chilli bajji. At night we had a fabulous dinner,Some of us played carom,other slept.
Next day,we wokeup around 7,some took a walk other played with new born calf, In middle of trekking we started experiencing village life too!!

We had varieties of breakfast,and same time we packed lunch. Then it was time for us to leave, around 11 a.m we started our trek to Dabbe falls which was 9 km far, It was walk in village,didn’t feel much tiring,because we were one day trained! After having breaks in between, we reached the destination. The story begins from here,we got all instruction about trekking to base of falls,and first time I heard in my trekking life that “Come back in one pieces”
Falls was 110m height,we need to descend more that a km to reach that falls. Path was almost 90 degree in some places,tree roots are the major life savers. Many places we were puzzled to keep our legs to go ahead,It was a challenging for first timers as well as for experienced trekkers. We did rappling in one place. Totally it was strenuous part in our trek. Finally reached the base of falls,and meat Youth hostel group over there.

There is no words to explain to beauty of falls, we had a cold shower of falls, the water drops was hitting with great velocity, which gave us a good massage,we could feel our body lighter!

After playing in water for an hour,we had lunch over there,then we started ascending.It was around 4 p.m,we knew that we have to trek for another 6 km to reach TT,though it was tough we ascended quickly and reached the top. After reaching top, we had a feeling that we have achieved some thing,but no one expressed it. We wanted to reach TT(in Hosagadde) so we trekked bit faster, to avoid dark in forest.

Mahesh guided us in short cut, where we passed by beautiful water streams, villages,and some time hiking. It was twilight when we reached out TT spot. But our TT had not reached the place we told.We stopped the passing vehicles asking them to inform TT driver to reach Hosagadde.It was dark at that time,We could see all possible stars,usually which we couldn’t see in Bangalore. Mahesh and Anil took feed back from all of us. Later our driver reached us, we traveled back to Sagara to have dinner, Mahesh and Anil joined us later.

Our adventure didn’t stopped there,While we traveling in TT, near to Arasikere, our TT got broke down due to engine issue.We took help of van to reach near by Bus stand. Everyone was severing because of cold,but it was joyful experience in mid night. We boarded K.S.R.T.C to Bangalore at 3 a.m,and reached at 7 a.m in morning,then we started leaving to our home. So This is The END of story :)

Written By      : Gautham Hongalkar
Organized By  : Lokith & Ameer
Date of event  : 30th & 31st Jan, 2016
Place               : Sagara
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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