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Early morning 5K walk + 5K jog at Cubbon Park

 A wise man once said, every small step taken in the right direction leads to greater results. The previous Sunday and this Saturday morning proved to be few small steps taken in the right direction and well spent in the company on fellow BTCians (Bangalore Trekking Club), who all gathered for the Volume I & II of 5K walk + 5K run event in the centrally located, beautiful and lush green Cubbon Park in Bangalore.
On both the occasions, we all gathered near Metro entrance gate of Cubbon park. Few minutes of waiting for everyone to join in, followed by an overview of the proceedings by the admins, Gaurav and Hiren. As decided, we were to take a brisk walk around the park first, exploring the complete route and then go for run in the next round.
Cubbon Park, is a beautiful public park, and is most lively on Saturday and Sunday mornings. One just has to look around to see the positive energy flowing around the park with so many activities happening everywhere. There are the morning walkers & joggers, various running and training groups, owners with their lovely dogs, the photography enthusiasts, the pre & post wedding photo-shoot opportunists, skaters, bicycle riders, the local vendors, fruit sellers, and the list goes on. To top the list, last Sunday there was an amazing Kannada Janapada folk performance happening in the center of the park known as the Band Stand. I could catch a glimpse of the Bharatnatyam performance and it was mesmerizing. And yeah there was this cool African drumming (djembe) lessons going on at one place too.
The route which we took for our walking and running was really great. Admins made sure that we covered nearly the complete park and it was a combination of mud road, tar road and interlocking paths. We all gleefully completed the walk and run and gathered for a quick stretching workout session, which was followed by Surya Namaskar and meditation, and ended with a feedback about our experience.
Needless to say, we all had pretty good time and left the park refreshed and rejuvenated, and determined and motivated to get here the next time with greater enthusiasm and energy.

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