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Horagina Betta Night Trek: 16.04.2016

Nineteen BTCians sleeping in an BMTC bus oblivious of the scorching heat in an afternoon. What else can make them sleep other than a night trek!
On one of the Saturdays  when the temperature was soaring, an usual weather for Bengaluru, we planned a night trek to ‘Horagina Betta’, a hill on the outskirts of the city. As planned, we assembled at the platform number 10 (I feel we should give it an interesting name). Though most of us met for the first time, it feels we have known one another for a long time. May be a common motive helps.

We all got in a bus and started our journey. One of our friends hopped into the bus in the middle of the road. How can we just reach our destination without having an X-factor? So, get down of the bus and guess what...... stand at the back of a carrier auto. These are some of the instances which work as starters.
We reached a restaurant which is close by the starting point of our trek. We had had our snacks there, followed by a fun filled introduction session. The most amazing thing of being a part of such treks is that we have trekkers from different background and sharing their experiences is quite enriching.

We started our trek at about 9pm. Right,left,bend,careful,climb,relax,water-  we randomly repeated these steps while going up the trail. Come on move yaar, wait yaar! After around one and a half hour we reached the summit. Wow! What a view it was.
We were welcomed by a refreshing wind. It was cool. We collected dry wood and put on fire. Hunger had already started striking. We started with our dinner rather started eating other’s. It was followed by preparing more to eat- belpuri, maggi, sweet corn and random photography. Few slept and the left ones started playing different games. As the night progressed, a few more slept but some of us continued as nocturnals.

One of the most beautiful experiences is seeing sunrise from the top of a mountain among clouds. We started clicking photographs one after another. To be among cloud and feel the freshness of the first ray is mesmerizing. After having some group photographs, we started our descent.

Once we all reached the base we had a small feedback session and the journey towards the city started. It was refreshing to escape from the city even for a night and to have feel cool air.

Written By      : Ishan Deep
Organized By  :  Sushma & Veera
Date of event : 16th April, 2016
Place               : Horagina Betta
Members         : 19
Pictures          : BTC FB Page
Video              : Shirish's Go Pro

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