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Kai Po Che.. Kite festival, 2017

Kai Po Che.. A famous Hindi movie dialogue (though a Gujarati proverb) for the day we celebrated on 15th Jan 2017.
So this great day starts with an early sunny Sunday morning (rare in Bangalore) with an energetic and a hopeful thought that unlike other Sunday mornings, today it’s a different one. Excitement ramps up anticipating the feeling of living our childhood days again.
And then we meet these smiling and over energetic KIDS…. All over the place, Energies amalgamated and exploded to result into a happening weekend. On one end, these kids are eagerly waiting to learn a new game which is "How to fly a Kite linked by the pulley"! (In layman’s term - a paper sheet bound by thin wooden stick and tied with the loop of thread☺). And on the other end we all are waiting to welcome these small packets of energy in our morning.
Very Soon, one of our Kite Masters (as designated) demonstrates how to tie the knot with all technicalities, we all grab our kites, thread loop and run towards the ground, Just not to experience the whole feeling of flying kite, but also to cherish our childhood memories once again, like running on the playground, going out in the sun, exploring the beauty of blue skies and our enchanting flourishing nature.
Lot of activities happening all around. The whole playground is occupied with so many people, many of them are playing cricket, someone is learning how to ride a bicycle, and the road side seller’s is busy in selling ice- creams, coconut water and a lot of stuffs. However we all are just concerned to see our kite at the highest peak, though there is no competition, as most of us are beginners and we are just enjoying by teasing each other predicting that whose kite will fly high and whose kite will struggle to cover even 10 feet from the ground. ☺
Ohh!!! Not to forget the whole ground is buzzing with sounds like Anna, Akka, uncle and aunty. We are not offended by the last two ones☺ as these kids are saying it with so much of innocence and enjoying this new game, all of them willing to fly there kites getting accompanied by us , which indeed helps us to learn kite flying  and simultaneously create some beautiful memories for everyone.
The whole event comes to an end after having tasty Jalebies and yummy Samosa’s bidding bye, by teaching them another indoor sport (i.e. badminton) with a hope that they too enjoyed our company and will cherish these moments like we all will do for sure.

So, it is a weekend well spent with meeting so many new people, cherishing childhood memories, smiling with kids and celebrating our festival ‘Makar sankranti’,’Uttarayan’,’Pongal’..
We all complaint for so many things in our life that we don’t have this, we want this and blah blah, but just recollect those smiling faces, they have so many things to complaint, but still they are smiling so wide and making us happy, so why can’t we.
Dheel de dheel de de re bhaiya, iss patang ko dheel de.
Jese hi Masti me Chhaye, Is patang ko kheench de!

Just live your life and smile in all situations ☺

Written By      : Ruchi Kumari
Photo Credits : Praveen, Omita, jagadish, Geet, Vineet
Organized By  : Amol, Veera & Ankit
Date of event  : 15th January, 2017
Place               : J P Nagar
Members         : 44
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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