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Trek to NijagalBetta

This is not exactly a travelogue….i have written what all happened to me…in me during the course!
Trek on: 14-jan-2017(pongal)
Distance: around 5 kms
Duration: 1 day
Cost: 150 Rs (including food)
Please adjust to my bad usage of language and grammar…writing is very casual!
I am looking forward for ur comments and suggestions! It would be of great help to me.
Varsha                                                   Shubham
Vishal                                                      Padamchitt
Shivin                                                        Aishwarya
Sapna                                                        Aaditi
Shashwath                                              Megha
Manjunath                                              Srishti
Aman                                                          roshan
Ambrish                                                     nitish
From dawn to dusk…
We trekked….
We found our true selves!!

As soon as i said about the trek….my mom said a NO...since it was a festival day..she wanted me back home doing all girly things :p
Never the less ,she agreed and said! Yes! Yes! Yes!
I registered like after half an hour of registrations being open…and had very less hope of getting selected!
When I got shortlisted my happiness knew no bounds. i was super-duper happy!
above all since my friend(varsha) was coming along I was full excited.
So thn..i got a mail about iterinary! I was so excited! Preparations went on normally.
I loaded my bag with 3 -1 litre water bottles,thn junk and lunch;
 I couldn’t sleep the entire night on 13th!
Trust me…my close friends were worried!i get way too excited !
My friends even got dreams of me getting lost on the hill and then I was rescued like after days! :o
Thn I closed my eyes for some time..like may be 2-3 hours..it was already 5!the alarm rang! I got ready!
Usually dad drops me…but this time..my brother dropped me till the bus stop,with many words of caution of the course. He was already jealous! Another trek! :P
I got into the bus to reach majestic and thought…the whole beauty of an idea of going to trek is that it is made of nothing …but a belief..a belief that I can reach the top and have lots of scenic views!
I reached majestic at 7:05 am then met varsha! After that while walking through the underpass..i fell down..tragic events happen …usually no trek of mine is complete without a fall but this time I fell off even before I started! Ha ha..
So the meeting time was 7:15 at the majestic railway station entrance! we reached there by 7:20! Then we met ashish,organizer! There were a few people..who we dint talk to at that point of time..later I learnt they were students from shristhi school of design!and they were trekking with us! (
Then I met harshitha(beauty with lots of talent),neha(psychology student) and megha(ashish’s wife) …then we had a general convo!
Then we got into the train and started talking about general things like our interests,treks…etc..etc!
Then others joined!
The train started at around 7:55-8:00 am.
Then,vikram and few others joined us at yeshwanthpur station!
Then we all played this traditional trip game dham sharads.so the rule was –u got to enact ur name!this was too much fun..we had lot of bhaghawan names!
This was real time! We had fun guessing names like raghavendra,manjunath,vishwanath….etc
Then we arrived at the dobbospet  station.
We got down and took an auto towards a darshini…this is when trouble started..i got into an auto..i was so excited and I wanted to sit at the back..without realizing the weight equality I just got in..and the auto nearly toppled towards the back! :P ha ha…i never had such an experience all my life…it felt like I was about to slide down the hill...everyone burst out laughing!i laughed nearly for an hour or so after this incident.
Since I had signed the form which read the BTC terms and conditions….vikram was making fun of it w.r.t to the toppling of auto!

Almost all of us had idly and vada! It was yum!
All set,with full determination and full tummy…we started walking….
So now we went back to the base ..close to the station and started trekking  the  hill!
Initially the road seemed so steep..but later it was a piece of cake!
I was very excited..i have always dreamt of getting lost in the woods!
Talking about the hill and its history, it seems…. History lies behind this fort in later half of the 18th Century saw a war between the Marathas, Hyder Ali and the British for power.
We even saw a place where Hyder ali used to park his pushpaka vimana
Now after covering almost a kilometer or so…it started becoming steeper and rockier..more sloppy… i had the time of my life! :P I was enjoying yet getting tired frequently… we took around 2-3 breaks..and did lots of photography sessions!
For me trekking was more like photo trekking…:P
While climbing up.... while descending down..i was a big photo maniac… lol!
I troubled every person with a camera to click me! (
They were all gud people ..honestly speaking!
When we took the second break..we were resting on a rock..the view seemed gud!
Then we saw a small pond(kalyani..we took photos there..and rested there for a while)
I was decently trying to cool myself down…because..i literally felt like I had tachycardia a bar higher than it should be! :P  ha ha..We reached the peak at around 12:00 pm.
This was an epic moment for me. this is the first time I ever went to a trek without  big expectation of the view I would get at the top and it was awesome.. .i told to myself ITS MAJESTIC..I DIN’T EXPECT THAT!
Emotions trekking a spectrum…
Searching for the hue of the unknown..
Filling the empty spaces!
we were still left with time…where we decided to explore the peak more…this was super fun!
It felt like the wind was blowing just to welcome me….to probably celebrate my reaching the peak.there was cool breeze always!
After that we had couple of photo shoots! Awesome it was (
We then decided to play dham sharads at  the top…since we reached early..The plan was to be able to catch the train that departs to bengaluru at – 4:15pm
Thus,we had lots of time!
We had tough time selecting our spot to eat food as there were lot of monkeys!
We found a place..and then we started having food..munching on all delicacies..since it was festival..few ppl got sweets then kachori laddu..best was kala kaandh ! yummy dish!

Like the hush in those mountains, the silence swelled with the intake of my breath into a presence of vast benevolence of which ..I was a part! It just felt like something great had happened to me!
we started descending down at around 3:00pm
This time it was fun and easy…but I kept getting afraid of walking on those slantly curved rocks  …all because of the topsy-turvy slopes of the hill!
We descended down too quickly!
Every time I put my leg ahead…I literally wanted to go back to the peak!
So we reached the base at around 3:30pm
Then ashish came up with this new twist that we would walk till the station on the railway track..it was nearly 3 kms…it felt like it never ended !
We reached the station by 4pm
My new experience with a huge crowd….with all new people . it was not just breathtaking,awesome,stupendously splendid,mind-blowing <3
every single person on board was awesome….so caring and they never got me bored.

We had feedback session! I was truly contented!
The train was on time. we all got in and got seats…. we had lots of fun..Chit chatting, eating groundnuts etc…
Trekking the high path..the road less travelled ..i was searching for thr real beauty of mountains and people..! I found ‘em all!
So we boarded the train and reached bengaluru at around 5:45pm
At the end of this trek, I have discovered a new version of me. I learnt fear not anything…it was all bliss..bliss..bliss!

I was scared of getting tanned like crazy…if I could recollect I was fully tanned during my last trek to makalidurga..i still couldn’t regain my original color back!
But this time..i knew
The tans will fade but memories will last forever!
One big huge thanks to the organizers….ashish and vikram!
They  were awesome, fun and so caring!
Vikram ..stay the same…like all the fun and too much enthusiasm!
And wishing all the very best to the first time organizer ASHISH! may he have lots of upcoming successful trek organizations!
I am in love with BTC! each time they make me feel home!
Looking forward for more treks with BTC!

After I got down from train, I walked towards the metro and caught a bus back home.
Accompanying me was ashish,megha,harshitha and varsha. we had awesome in the metro too.
New found idea of getting detached from this busy traffic and world kept me going.
I called up my parents and friends telling my safe arrival.

Written By: Aditi L
Organizer: Asish &Vikram
Event :Nijagalbetta
Date: 14th jan 2017

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