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Ramadevara Betta One Day Trek - 18th Feb 2017

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I signed up for the Ramadevara Betta trek as my first trek with BTC accompanied by a friend. Signing up as a BTC member and enrolling for the trek happened spontaneously and I literally had no idea as to how far or how difficult the trek was but was very excited to trek for the first time in Bangalore. We had to reach the Majestic railway station at 6:20 a.m. which ensured that we wake up at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. From Majestic we took a train to Ramanagara railway station which is approximately 60 kms and then reached Ramadevara betta by auto rickshaws which was around 2 kms.

The trek in itself was not quite hard. Most of it was climbing up the stairs but to reach the top, the steps were carved in the rock itself. That patch comparatively challenging but the rails on the sides made it quite easy.

 The view at the top was breath-taking, even though it was only surrounded by mountains which were just huge pieces of rocks and dry grass, the barren lands held a beauty that could not be expressed. We spent an hour or so at the top more or less just gazing at the view and inhaling all the fresh air that is lost once we enter the city boundaries. The wind on top of the mountain was immensely strong and the atmosphere exceedingly peaceful.

After descending we visited a folk museum “Janapada Loka” which was an exclusive display of the village folk arts of Karnataka. Loka mahal, a wing in the museum has a display of 5000 artefacts. It houses a plethora of rural artefacts which bring out the culture of “folk art, music, literature, history, clothes, etc,”. We spent 3-4 hours in the museum and left for the Railway station to head back home. We reached back at 5:30 p.m. to Majestic tired, content and fresh.

The visit to the folk museum was enriching and one of a kind, something that isn’t easily found in Bangalore. While the trek was easy and short, the journey to the top was worth the view.

Written By:       Ketaki Chandwadkar
Date of Event:  18th-Feb, 2017
Place:               Ramanagara         
Photos:             BTC FB Page

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