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One Day Trek to Kaurava Kunda July 1st, 2017

About Kuarva Kunda: A grassy and steep hill with names from Kauravas and Pandavas

Distance: 75 KM from Bangalore                                                                                
Trekking: 5 to 6 km ascend
Time: 1.30 hrs.
Difficulty level: Moderate
Nearest place: Chikkabalapur Bus  

  Our Journey…

      As a trekking lover, always wanted to explore heights, which will give the completely different exposure to the beauty of nature, so bags packed for one more in the list to explore.   
We all assembled by 7 am at Majestic terminal 3 (Andhra Bus stand) PF 10, a team of 21 people.  Formal intro to other mates and soon we boarded a bus for Chikabalapur, was about one and half hour journey, by 9.15am we reached Chikabalapur.
Now heading towards the Kavaranahalli Village the base of the Kuarva Kunda, approx... 5km from Chikabalapur bus station. You get Jeeps or any local transport one can use to reach the base.

Somewhere at 9.40, the ascend starts. We came across a Shiva temple, you can find steps made of rocks till the temple, further its actual trek. It took us 2:30 hours max. to get on top including the people with less on stamina. The trek was rocky and bit steep at some points.  Rains would make it too slippery. No rains for us fortunately. There were shrubs and thorny bushes around on the way. Often people mistaken it for lemon grass. Beware of monkeys, never know when your chocolate gets snatched.

At 1pm, reached our destination. The scenic view of the Chikabalapur village and neighbouring hillocks are bound to take your breath away. Awesome view with winds that make you feel floating if you don’t hold a grip.

Rested for a while, later it was time for lunch, as decided, a POTLUCK, people brought own food to eat, not to forget the Aloo Parathas were on hit list.  Followed with fun activities.

Since we reached much early, had lot time to engage in other activities. Dances, songs, dum-sheraz, 90’s wala anatakshari and photos.
By 3pm, I suppose we packed up and headed down. It took 30 min or bit more to get down, got the same vehicle for Chikabalapur bus stand. Had some tea-coffee and back again for Bangalore loaded with memories.
Journey ends at 7.30pm with memories, new frndz on list and wait for another trek.
Thank you BTC. Overall it was a well-organiz

Written By          : Saylee
Organized By      : Aman Mahajan & Dinesh Yadav
Date of Event     : July 1st, 2017
Place                 : Kaurava Kunda
Pictures             : BTC FB Page

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