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Trekt to Nijagal Betta on July 2nd, 2017

I was really happy to see the mailer for a short trek to Nijagal betta on Sunday so I registered at that very moment and asked my roommate as well. One of the reasons to not give a second thought is the economical factor the trek's cost was just 100-150 rs. Another reason was the trek was opened by Aman, my old friend.


We had to reach Majestic railway station at 7 am. I and Tanushree somehow managed to reach at 6:42 am. Mornings in bangalore at majestic are great as you would find empty roads(the most wished thing for Bangaloreans). The majestic railway station was too crowded. I met Dinesh and Aman in front of the ticket counter,the regular BTC meeting point for treks. We waited for others to come. Some of us went for breakfast as the train was at 7:45 am and we still had time. After signing the indemnity bond, we moved towards platform 10.

We boarded a bogey and occupied two compartments where all of us were able to find seats. Then started the dumb charades introductory round. Everyone had to enact their name and if the guessing went easy or if the person enacting said a word then evil Dinesh added a complexity and made that person enact one more thing like the company name or father's name, etc. The name guessing game went on well and everyone enjoyed a lot. People tried to rag Dinesh and Aman by not guessing their names which resulted in some more giggles.

Finally we got down at Dobbaspet and there we had the head count and were given some basic instructions and BTC policies by the organisers. Then the organisers booked autos which took us to the base of the hill. People took selfis in the autos as well. At the base of the hill we had some groupies and started the trek. Dinesh was leading and Aman was trailing. The terrain was rocky but after a short hike for about 10 minutes we reached half the way and there was a small pond. We clicked some groupies there as well then climbed a bit to reach a temple which was an ancient temple. There were remains of the temple left only so people got many picturesque locations. After spending some time there we descended back and then took the other way up to the top of the hill.

The way up was steps only so we easily climbed those steps. There were a lot of localites on the way as there is a temple at the top which is quite famous I guess. Some of us went to the temple and meanwhile others guarded their shoes from the monkeys there.Some of us also danced to the beats of dhol. Then we conpleted the remaining part to the top and finally reached the top.




We were given 45 min to roam around on the peak and click photos. So after having our own relax time we gathered at one point between the rocks. There we sat and had our potluck lunch. The lunch was a delicious treat starting from lemon rice, sandwiches,fruits,parathas,pulao,biscuits,toffees and a lot more.
 After everyone waa full then Dinesh started with the great Ping Pong and one by one many people fall prey to him and then he made them do a monoacting, singing or dance. So there were a lot of performances as well including some melodies, belly dance and zara zara touch me dance also.


The ones who opted for pushups were tortured by Dinesh and Ashok by their counting which went on like 1.25,1.50 and they used to restart if someone interrupted. Everyone had fun time. After this started antakshri which Ganesh leaded at all he was so enthusiastic to sing and he was unstoppable. Then the game changed to jump in, jump out which leaded to people banging into each other and there were giggles all over. Then Dinesh's mind was still not at peace now he formulated pairs out of the team and made them do an act together. Suma's dance on jugni was good.

After all the fun we were again given 15 more minutes as requested by some to click more photos. Then we had some more groupies. 


Then we started our descend and this time we chose different way down so in order to take the shorter route back to railway station. We descended in about 30 minutes and then started our 3 km walk on the tracks towards the station. It was good one of a kind chance to revive childhood memories. Finally after reaching the station all of us headed to the water source. Aman went to take tickets for us. Then we had our BTC feedback which mostly comprised of good points and hapoy experiences which people had.


The train came but this time we were not lucky enough to get seats some of us got but others were standing and chatting. Dinesh bought bhelpuri for us and yes the trek cost was just 70rs. The trek finally ended and people went home with a smile on their faces.

Written By          : Harshita Singh
Organized By      : Aman Mahajan & Dinesh Yadav
Date of Event      : July 2nd, 2017
Place                  : Nijagal Betta
Picture               : BTC FB Page 

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