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Early Morning- Fitness (Zumba n Yoga) on 23rd Sep 2017

"Body is the only Place, Where you live. Take care of it!! or else, Body knows how to take care of it's own"

It's wonderful to be a part of BTC Yoga and Zumba event.
The session starts with mild warm up followed by high energy Zumba and than calming the mind &  body with the help of yoga and meditation.


Really thankful to all the Instructors and Organizers. 

I just wait for Saturday (Weekend) so, that I can go to Cubbon park for Zumba & Yoga event its mind blowing. 

Written By: Vandana C
Organized By: Manjunath M & Sandeep Paul
Date of event: 23rd Sep, 2017 
Place: Cubbon Park, Bengaluru
Event Photos: BTC FB Page
Zumba Videos: BTC FB Page Videos

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