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Half Day - Fitness (Zumba n Yoga) on 9th Sep 2017

 We are Zumbholic Are you?   We are Yogic Are you?

I want to share my experience with the BTC Fitness event. Thanks BTC for the fitness initiative.

Though I am associated with BTC for more than a year now, but never got an opportunity to step out and really join the events, finally I decided to take part in one of the fitness event organized by BTC on 9th of Sep 2017.

It was a perfect start for the weekend with the pleasant weather and all set for your exercise. I stay in ITPL, god’s grace for half of the distance at least I have metro train facility, I reached the Metro station by 6 and took the train to Cubbon park and reached the Cubbon park by 6.30AM. I came out of the station to see a group of people waiting for co-participants, everybody where so enthusiastic and ready for the session. 

Luckily, I was on the time and could meet the team. We started walking towards the place assigned for our activity.
Not everybody are blessed to participate in a fitness activity close to the nature. We are so involved and
surrounded by the concrete jungle, coming out of it and staying close to nature is so nice.

Cubbon park is such a location which mesmerizes everybody with its distinct species of trees and the background sound of the birds.
All of us started warming up and getting ready for the Zumba session, I was so excited to start my first event with BTC. Instructor started the Zumba training with very good background music. Without our knowledge, we started shaking our legs hands accordingly. Nobody wanted to stop even after the after a long workout, the workout began to be intense with more and more good background songs. There was a change in the instructor but still the zeal in the people did not come down. Finally, we did the stretching asanas to warm down.
Even if you are new to Zumba and yoga still you would love doing it, as most of the steps were basic.

It was good opportunity to get to know different people, I never felt it was my first event.

Event organizers were very friendly and never felt left alone. I repented for not joining the previous sessions. 

Made up my mind to make it to most of the session in future.
Written By: Ashwini Suresh
Organized By: Manjunath Maski & Sandeep paul
Date of event: 9th Sep, 2017  
Place: Cubbon Park, Bengaluru
Event Pictures: BTC FB Page
Zumba Video: BTC FB Page Videos

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