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An Amazing trek to Maribetta:

It was a lovely morning with the shivering climate. We all started gathering at Hotel Mahaveer nearby Majestic and met new people with the same mind-set and craziness which gave a chance of experiencing a wonderful trek organized by BTC (Dinesh Yadav and Shilpa).

Our journey started at 7.00 A.M sharp after small formality of autographs session :P. We have started to pick up few of them on the way to Banshankari and started our wonderful journey with all the newbies. 

Once everyone got into traveller, our introduction was done in an unique style where in you have to do pantomime like in dumb charades to tell your names so that others have to find out the name or surname or company name etc which was quite interesting and tend us to recollect memories of our childhood. We reached the place Kanakapura where we have planned our breakfast. Everyone of us had yummy food like Dosa, Idly, Vada and ended with a hot Chai.

 When we looked outside from our vehicle the climate looks like it was folded in hands of snowy fog. After having a heavy breakfast we took parcels for our lunch as part of pot luck. Traveller started towards our destination Maribetta while all our wonderful introductions happened in the meantime.

In our trek we had a beautiful couple (Savithri (Savi) and Ashok (Husband Of Savithri :P)) who were already trekkers and part of BTC where they had few trekking experiences with BTC even before marriage. We were surrounded with great buddies Jaikumar(ISRO), Jhanavi(Jonna), Shilpa(Short), Pooja(aarti), Archun(Typical Photographer from Broaaaaaaaaaadcom), Manish(Photographer),  Krishnaiah(A HR), Gourav(Flipkart), Vaibhav(Silent helper), Rajesh(Mini Google Map), Sourav(Guider), Sushant(Past Trekker) and Oshina(Budwiser).


We started our trekking after having a small walk through a village near Maribetta. A walk towards the hill started slowly by leading Dinesh Yadav and trailing with Shilpa. At first our trek was started in a feeling of chillness where everyone was hiding themselves in sweaters. After few minutes of walk the Sun started sighting us slowly with the deep love.  We had to walk through the sand stones and on grass where its edges were very sharp and pinched us fully. Slowly we had started draining under hot sun which resulted in tiredness too. After few minutes of terrible walk now critical task for us was to climb big rock which was slippery. In a group we had few wonderful trekkers who reached as if they were born climbers and took beautiful snaps on top. 

Even in that painful situation our enthusiastic photographers didn’t take rest. They started capturing wonderful nature and our silly poses .

Now we are at first halt point and had some water along with the fruits. At front our leading master Dinesh Yadav was calling us to come soon but asusual we ate and then started walking again. Suddenly noticed our leading pole Dinesh is running towards us to get his quota of fruits. :D

On the way towards the hill there were some rocks which looked like the steps that were created manually but to our astonishment they were the one made by our creator of the Universe (GOD).

Wowwwww!!! Now we were at top of the hill and we could able to see the beauty of the place from the top view. We all had some chocolates brought by Anekith and thanks to Jhanavi for her chill buttermilk. Still our organizer Shilpa was not satisfied with the heights we reached so far, so along with Uday and Sourav she searched a way to go forward and experience something more than what we did till. Before this our jolly Dinesh Yadav along with Pooja, Jhanavi and Jai while finding a new way tried to walk on the stones and got hurt because of thorns.

Our journey continued by exploring a way to move to the next hill which was beside our present hill. Now our Isro and Krish took an initiative to find the way to go forward. Again it’s time for our photo session. We started our steps forward to move to next hill. Sourav a great travelogue was guiding us by standing in middle of our new way to make sure everyone should come safe. Now we met a great statue of Anjaneya and took some rest there under shadow of trees. After moving forward we could see one more slippery rock which was holding a wonderful view point in its tip under hot blazing climate. Few of us were busy with photography session again and remaining people reached top and waited for others. Now we were in search of some place to rest with shadow and cool breezes which were missed in our journey.

On a big rock one end looks like it was getting protection by small trees nearby under which we had rested for some time. It’s time for our pot luck but we changed it’s meaning without much home foods. We all had our parcels for our lunch except 3 dishes from home.
  •  Tomato rice brought by our chota organizer shilpa made us to feel mouthwatering and it was very tasty.
  •  Bread and Jam brought by Jhanavi which got finished within fraction of minutes after opening the box.
  • It was Rajesh (Mini Google) who brought Kakra along with some food which acted as side dish for our lemon rice.
  • Along with rice we were filled our stomachs with some healthy food by Pooja, Oshina, Sneha - orange, Banana and Apple.
One great wonder happened; suddenly one Apple came out from our Dinesh Yadav bag who brought first time in his wonderful treks history. While cutting the Apple Jhanavi told to be careful with knife within seconds our great Dinesh Yadav got hurt and blood started slowly flowing like water drops on glass door. Treated him with first aid kit before he need doctor :P.

Suddenly we found some other place which was a view point along with a lake view. We all dispersed from lunch spot for a look of it. One big wonderful photo shoot happened under presence of photographers- Anekith, Manish and Archun. At that time our dynamic trekker Dinesh Yadav and Savi husband had a small nap.

As climate was not under control we couldn’t able to play wonderful games which were planned by Shilpa and Dinesh Yadav. Now it’s time for group picture and all our three photographers tried different angles by placing all their cameras accordingly and took lovely pictures. We started climbing down all the slippery rocks, walked in between pinching grass trees and finally came down to our starting point. 

In return we were confused with few rights and lefts. Shilpa stopped us and instructed “Everyone check their backs” for others :P. Heroine started giving commentary on the things happened and how everyone looked after great trek.

Now we started our steps towards lake after having some water in that village. All of us started in traveller but our leader Dinesh Yadav came by walk and reached to the place like a running champ. We walked through a place where we spotted a horse grazing and small tents which looks like a resort to enjoy ,the pleasant sound of water and cool breezes of lake. Now our divers – Dinesh Yadav, jai and Manish went into water and started swimming along with dips like holy water. 

To our shock suddenly we noticed a small snake started floating which made us feel little scared and from shore Jahnavi  is asking them to come out and she won’t come to hospital if something happen to them :P. Luckily snake took another route to travel and escaped from us.

We all came back to traveller and started our return journey. Everyone became tired and were in busy in small nap but Isro and Jhanavi were struck in some serious discussion. We took a break at a hotel to have hot chai and bajji etc. We have ordered chats, dosa, idly and bajji which got finished in fraction of seconds which looked like we haven't taken our food from past few days :P. Now our organizers were very much excited to listen to our valuable feedbacks to improve anything if necessary after a recharge with food. We started from last person in traveller to get to know their experiences and suggestions. But to a wonder everyone enjoyed the trek fully from the time we started till we completed it. We ended our journey at Banshankari with a hope of meeting everyone again. It was not an ending it’s a beginning for our next trek.

Trek more and live more in hands of nature

Thanks to the wonderful organizers Shilpa and Dinesh Yadav for planning trek in such a nice manner.

Special Thanks to the wonderful Photographers of the day - Archun, Anekith and Manish for making us to take back the memories hidden in the form of pictures

Hearty wishes to all others who were part of our journey and made this trek beautiful experience for first timers with their cherishing words and memories shared all along.

At last confused whether I had been to Trek or Picnic with Family. Whatever BTC rocks as always...

Written By     : Sneha T
Organized By : DY & Shilpa
Date of event : Dec 9, 2017
Place              : Mari Betta
Photos            : BTC Fb album 

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