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Exploring the unkown- Maribetta trek

Exploring the unkown- Maribetta trek

The clock ticked 7 and with panting breath, I raced towards the meeting point, Hotel Mahaveer. Breaking all my rules against a typical weekend routine of binge-watching (anything) and stuffing myself with food (again anything), I signed up for Maribetta trek organized by Dinesh Yadav and Shilpa.  Well technically, I had told (boasted) all my colleagues I was going on a trek and I just couldn't photoshop myself on a rock so sadly no choice :(

I was a first-time trekker and a first timer at BTC. Nervous and excited I set about for the trek. We started in a mini-bus spot on time and set about for our destination. Soon it was time for the famous BTC game - 'dumb charades' where we had to enact our name, our surname, and our company name. BTC treks are accompanied by an ideal mix of first-timers and experienced (senior citizens). And when you have Dinesh Yadav as your organizer you're in for a riot of laughter and crazy ragging. Between all the enactment, pushups and crazy laughter we had to take a pit stop for our rumbling tummies. After a sumptuous breakfast, we continued our journey and soon reached the base.

The first views of the hill looked stunning and we started our climb. Be it the thorns that ripped our socks, or exploring for paths because few were cumbersome or the heat that kept testing our patience, we braved them all. Taking a few breaks in between for snacks and selfies (boy, we had three photographers) we soon reached the peak. We set about exploring the hill and enjoying the magnificent views.

The sun too was at its peak and there was no shady place in the vicinity so we couldn't play those famous BTC games. Lunch was a potluck and we dug in greedily. While Shilpa's culinary skills left us in awe, Dinesh Yadav ensured we were mindful of BTC policies of not littering and collected all the trash. The food rejuvenated us and after clicking our would-be Facebook, Whatsapp profile pics, we started descending.

It was a well-organized trek and both Dinesh Yadav and Shilpa were mindful of our safety while ensuring we enjoyed the trek. A trek could never be completed without a swim. What with the sticky clothes and red faces, we were badly in need of a wash. We soon found a pond and few of us took a plunge into the waters. The best (craziest) part of the swim was a snake that swam alongside.

At five, we started our journey back in the mini-bus. After another pit stop for our ever craving tummies, we reached Bangalore. Meeting like-minded people, crazy souls, passionate riders, coin-collectors this trek had it all. While one had travelled all the way from Tirupati for this trek, the other had bunked office. Soon it was time to split up and ponder over the memories of the trek. We started out as strangers and ended up becoming friends. Just a side effect of trekking. :)

Safety instructions from a bot:
  • ·         Wear fully clothed comfortable clothing.
  • ·         Ensure your clothes secure the thorns away from your skin. This is applicable for socks too.
  • ·         Wear shoes that provide a firm grip. Avoid the ones that you brought as a part of New Year resolution to lose weight and never used.
  • ·         Always listen to the organizers and stick with the group.
  • ·         Carry an extra pair of clothing just in case.
  • ·         2 liters mean 2 liters. Period.

Written By     : Jahnavi J
Organized By : DY & Shilpa
Date of event : Dec 9, 2017
Place              : Mari Betta
Photos            : BTC Fb album 

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