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6:45 am. We assembled at K R Market, Bangalore. We boarded the bus at around 7:15 am. All of us, excited to trek reached Sathnur at 8.45 and from there we reached the base of Kabbalammana temple which was 7km away.  The journey to Sathnur took around an hour and half. We ate our breakfast on the way. At the bus station in Sathnur we had a quick introductory session.

We then reached the base of the hill and started the trek with Srikanth leading and Ashish at the rear. The first leg of the trek was mainly an asphalted trail without steep ups or downs. It was peaceful out in the area. The next leg was the steep hill side itself.

It was almost a 40 degree steep slope without any  support. One slip would mean serious injury . Since the day before there were thunder showers, water flowing down in some of the areas made some parts little slippery.  But  under the guidance of Srikanth and with some small steps vaguely carved into the mountain side, we were able to climb up the hill side. Then after walking some distance the vegetation changed from grasses to cacti (pic). We had to be careful in these areas. At the same time, the steepness had decreased a bit and there were steps.

After climbing the steps there was a railing which we could use to support ourselves with. Then we reached a point where we had to walk around the hill. Then after some time we reached the top and we had to cross some bushes to reach the ending point. At the summit was a temple. When everybody had caught up some of us started exploring the place. Srikanth led some of us into the parts which were invisible to the eye. We walked through many trails which made us feel hungry too J . Those trails looked untouched by humans. We found a small sort of a fort up at the top (pics). Then we returned to the temple.

Yummy  was lunch time. Yummy potluck . There was cooked rice, poha, channa, chocolates and juice. We had a feast which included mouth watering dessert.  Took some rest. There were a few hawks/eagles flying above and the view was mesmerising. After about half an hour of break time we descended the hill. It was a bit difficult as we had to watch our step. It was fun to descend as we could increase our speed a bit. We had fun descending and Srikanth was constantly running back up to help those who needed it. He was encouraging us by telling that the end was nearing. Ashish, bring up the rear, was helping some of the slow trekkers to keep pace. Then at last we reached the village from where we started our trek. From there we caught a tempo back to Sathnur. From Sathnur we reached Bangalore via bus.
It was a great trek as the organisers were friendly and encouraging.  look forward to many more treks with BTC. Thank you Ashish and Srikanth

Written By          :Namitha Iyengar  
Original Blog       :Trek to Kabbala Durga
Organised By       :Ashish & Srikanth
Date of Event      :Dec. 2nd 2017

Place                  :Bangalore

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