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Biking To Anthargange:

Biking To Anthargange:

A day before our biking we got a call from our beloved organizer DY to inform about the weather conditions and make sure to bring Rain coats along with us along with fully covered helmet. On an auspicious festival Sunday where people were busy in celebrations of Ugadi (i.e New year for Andhra and Karnataka people) but we the crazy bikers started our journey to Anthargange. We met at our starting point as per schedule @ 6.45 a.m and waited for few more people who were yet to arrive. We kicked off our journey after small introduction about us. Our organizer DY reiterated rules of BTC after taking our valuable autograph’s. :P

Here are the rules we should take care in our travel:
1.       One person will lead the troop and Dinesh will trail the same.
2.       Max Speed should be cross 75kms.
3.       All bikes should follow a single line without any overtaking and cross talks with other bikers.
4.       If anyone needs to stop or take any break by using indicator we can stop all one by one and take rest for few minutes.

Our journey started with crazy companions DY, Lipika, Sanjay, Krishna, Manish, Neetha, . We took our bikes from ITI gate and began our journey. We have planned to our first halt at Café Coffee day which will be there on our way. Our way was fully decorated with running trees, black clouds which felt it will shower on us. Our bike wheels took fast wheeling to reach the destination soon and explore much. We had a pit stop before we reached first halting point at coffee day. Took few snaps and met our bikers who missed us at our starting point i.e Uday and Krishna :P

Our journey continued and reached to coffee day. Had small refreshment and planned to see a small beautiful hill which was opposite side of coffee day. As there is a way where we can only go by bikes, we moved forward and reached the place. A small road between green fields and a small river looking bright with sun rays which connects to the hill. We stopped over there and enjoyed the view and beauty of nature. Everyone started their photographic skills in all different styles. Finally our great photographer Manish started his artistic skills and showed beautiful version of us :P.

 Then we had few snacks in our hunger and started our journey ahead. Here comes our final entry ie. Hariharan, who missed us from starting point due to his Sunday lazy. Everyone was in full hungry which results in searching for breakfast. Suddenly we found a small roadside shop serving yummy food. We took pause in our journey and filled our stomachs with dosa, idly, vada. We kick started and reached our destination.

Parked our bikes and started climbing steps to visit lord shiva; who was waiting for us by sitting in top of the hill. The place was fully crowded with our ancestors I.e monkeys. It looked like they came to meet us and show the path to reach the hill. We went up and prayed well. While getting down after small prayer place was fully occupied with monkeys.

We climbed forward to touch the peak of the hill. DY initiated a game i.e we should not use the words “FINE” and “MINE” till we will finish our trek along with “we should not drink with right hand”. If anyone missed the rules they have to do “5 pushups”(For Guys) or 5 sit-ups(For Girls). In middle we could find a big rock to pose and capture nature in our chota mobiles. After photo session we all had cool buttermilk to escape from blazing sunrays. We hired one person to guide us towards two different caves which were located to two sides of hill. We found a shadow under a tree where everyone took cool breathe after getting tired of sunrays. We completed our punishments one by one with lots of fun.

Continued our climbing by performing so many adventures like crossing small caves in different ways i.e jogging, scrawling, climbing. Reached to the mid of the caves where we got some pleasant place to have rest and play for some time. In game major role is taken by our lovely couple of the day (Lipi and Sanjay). They played game beautifully and we were thrown into laughter. Had our lunch inside the caves as everyone started feeling hungry due to adventurous journey we had so far. Then we started to explore the out way as our guide left and busy with new people to show the path.

Our leader DY, Krishna and Hari checked one path but unfortunately it was not the correct way then we went another side of the cave and came out of it wonderfully. Everyone mobiles catches the towers as we came out from caves. Few of us went and climbed the highest rocks to have their pictures with nature in blazing sun. Few of us took rest under shadow of tress and got relaxed. Finally exploration completed and came back to the starting point. Our return journey started after having cool watermelon. Riding little fast to had snacks as we were feeling hungry again :P. Now we had our halt at A2B and had tea for refreshing us along with sweets, snacks. Our feedback session went with so many different views of each individual and dispersed. Our beautiful journey ended left foot print of memories.

Nice biking and thanks to Dinesh Yadav for organizing this. 

Written By     : Sneha T
Organized By : Dinesh Yadav
Date of event : 18th March, 2018
Place              : Antargange
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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