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Day Trek near Kanakpura

At the beginning, we were 17 strangers and we made lot of beautiful memories by the end of the trek. In this rainy season weekend destination was to ''ACHALU BETTA ''. We were filled with adventure and excitement met at BTC pickup point at 7:00 am .This was my first trek and trust me i was sure that i would not be able to make it. At 7:15 am we boarded in a TT and then organizers , Hiren and Parth, asked ''chala'' and we replied with so much of enthusiasm ''chalo''.

It was just 15 min we started and suddenly ''Parth'' said why everyone is silent there is 2 hrs journey ahead and to make it fun filled, lets have an intro with a twist .It was to introduce yourself not with the words but with the actions ''dumb charades'' . I became ''bali ka bakra ' because i broke the rule and started speaking .There 'Hiren' said ''koi baat nahi hota ha ghar pa jaa kar practice karna ''. I was shattered then and there . Everyone spoke about their life .                         We didn’t recognize how 1:30 min passed and we reached Kanakpura for our breakfast at 'Vaasu hotel' dosa was just amazing. Our tummy was filled and after half an hour we reached 'Achalu' village that was our starting point .

Let’s do this,,,,,,,
The real adventure started. Hiren was leading and Parth was at the tail. Trails were not easy at all, there were overgrown bushes ,thorns, and path blocking bamboos and boulders .  

Kaata lagaaJ
There were many new trekkers and instructors thought that it would take 2 hrs to climb the hill but we were very fast ,it just took one hour thirty mins with short breaks . The time was 11:20 and no one was in mood to have a potluck lunch so we started playing games, singing, laughing and it was 12:30 we had lunch after that comes the picture time, as it was alluring view from hill.

There were two math geeks ‘Gyan and Jhanvi ‘and their talented senior ‘ Sirisha’, made half of the journey into math class. We started playing ‘Ping-Pong’ and we got ping pong girl ‘ Jeevitha ‘, she was very much confused and the credit goes to  ‘Hiren’ and ‘Rituraj’. ‘Prateek’ became the secret photographer of team, as he clicked pictures of everyone and we got to know it later and even he is very good naagin dancer. Chandra was our Kapil Sharma and trust me he should get award for the worst ‘’thumka’’ . Pralove, Madhusudhan , Parth just went in 90s and started singing old songs and I became saroj khan of team.
Overall it was total Dhamaal……

We started descending and reached the base in forty minutes, disembark was very quick. We were drenched so we sat for a while and finally boarded in TT towards the same busy schedule of our life.

We had sugarcane juice on the way and the same energy which we had onset. There was feedback session and it ended up with lots of memories and smile on everyone’s face   

  Nice one Niranjan JJJ


Written By          :  Zisha Aazmi
Organised By       : Hiren & Parth
Date of Event      : 26 May 2018
Place                   : Kanakpura
Pics                     : https://goo.gl/Uq1fhW


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