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Monsoon Trek to Kumara Parvatha

This Memorable Journey to Kumara Parvatha which is the 4th highest peak and probably the toughest Peak to Climb in Karnataka started on Friday night 8th June when our group of 21 boarded Traveler from Majestic. So the fun began from the moment we had an introduction in the BTC style which was more like a memory game and we got to know about each other and the credit goes to the organizers DY, Arun and Subha.

Next day morning, we reached Kukke Subramanya town around 6 am. We got freshen up and had a light breakfast in a nearby restaurant. After that we took our luggage from the bus and it started raining heavily. I had already heard that Monsoon treks in Western Ghats can be very dangerous and at that moment of time I was thinking, Are we seriously doing this? :D Still Hoping for the best, We put on our rain coats and started heading towards our first stop ,Bhatru Mane.

Being a Nature Lover, I was delighted the moment I saw the greenery around when we entered the forest trail and rainfall was adding even more beauty to it. Greenery and Relaxing sound of rain made me believe that monsoon trek is one of the best experiences one can have. But this delight came with a price and that was Leeches! The forest trail was full of Leeches at that time and at first, our whole group was so panicked by the leeches crawling up but later on getting rid of them was child’s play for us! We continued trekking up with few Leech bites and posing in between for pictures amidst the nature.

We reached Bhatru Mane around 1pm which is the mid point to kumara parvatha and we had our stay arranged there already. Till Bhatru Mane, we were all completely drenched so we changed our clothes there and had lemon rice and pickle in lunch. After that, We sat down together, played games, posed for pictures and had a really good time.

It was still raining continuously and we already had a hint that we could not make up to summit but we still waited for next morning as per plan and organizers put in their best for making that happen so we got up early and unfortunately, the weather was still the same. So we decided to trek down from Bhatru mane to avoid any mishap. We packed our bags but before trekking down, we went to a viewpoint where we had a photo session.  After that we Started descending with the same zeal with Arun in the lead , Subha in between and DY in the trail.

While trailing down, we even found a water stream all thanks to Ruwise and we lost control after that. We dived into that stream, relaxed and had fun. For me that was the best part, Mountains and river! What else do you need? We stayed there for a while and started trekking down again. 

We reached Town around 12, got freshen up and had lunch in a nearby restaurant. Boarded Traveler and fun did not stop there! We played games, sang songs, danced in the traveler itself all the way until we reached Bangalore.

Although we could not reach the peak because of weather but this trek was the most exciting trek I have done so far and left me with some amazing experiences (and few leech bites :D). And as it is well said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” we ended our trip with a big smile and bid goodbye to each other with some great memories.

A big Thank you to BTC for organizing this trek, making it memorable every moment and managing it so well. Hope to see you everyone soon.

Written By     : Kritika Jain
Organized By : DY, Subha & Arun

Date of event : 9th & 10th June, 2018
Place              : Kumara Parvatha
Pictures          : BTC FB Page

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